Not to complain too much about the Chronicle, but

I know I’m going to catch hell for this but they’ve done a good enough job covering us recently that I renewed my subscription a couple of years ago ($6.25 per week w/ autopay is a pretty good deal :wink:)


Shouldn’t they have had Big Ed on the front page today? And more than a postage stamp size teaser on page one of the sports section? And saying “Oliver becomes only the third player in school history to capture a college football national award” ignores the fact that only fifteen others schools can can make that claim.

What gives? Wuzzup with that?


It’s their usual passive/aggressive reporting on UH. Also noticeable was their exclusion of Channel 39 televising the St. Louis BB game Saturday night in their listing of broadcast sports for the weekend.
But, it has been better overall.


The best way to deal with the chronicle or any others that hate on UH is to be successful. That’s the best revenge. Let’s “focus” on that.


Is Jimbo Fishey oops, Fisher I mean, hitting the recruiting trail not as big of a story as a local resident winning the Outland or do I complain too much?


You could be right on both counts…:slight_smile:


Well, I set that one up, didn’t I? But yea, you’re right.

He got the award around 8, right? That wouldn’t leave much time for them to make a massive adjustment to the layout for the early editions which are distributed at homes. The later edition may have an layout adjustment though. Print still takes alot more time than just updating a webpage.

edit - I know they will change it all up for something like the World Series or something major, but I doubt they figure this award was on that level.

Is it that only 15 schools have won 3 awards, or that only 15 schools have won the same 3 we have? I assumed it was the later

Post of the day. :clap:

Heisman, Lombardi, Outland.

Thanks for letting me know the basketball games on tv. Makes my weekend a little better.

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Johnny, you could not be more right, but its what i have to expect from that paper…If Ed went to U Texas, the entire front page would have been about him winning…

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The best way to deal with them is not pay $6.25 a week to read their paper.


By the way, Johnny, - - it is NOT POSSIBLE to complain too much about the Chronicle! But - they will be a thing of the past soon, and then the whole world will look better. They will probably continue to shrink until they are the size of a postage stamp, and then they will disappear completely. Hasten the day!

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Looking be me some Johnny cougar. You are correct sir.

I was so upset with the Chronicle - I wrote them an E-mail. There is simply no excuse for them to decide not to go full blown Ed Oliver.- this is Houston not College Station or Austin.


But no comment about how our announcement of a new AD was larger in size than UTs announcement of their new AD?

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Well I don’t have the Chronicle problem. I stopped reading them 39 years ago when they put our Cotton Bowl victory on page three…


Changes in personnel are more frequent and less notable than Outland trophies but props to the Chron for that one, how’s that?

I think back to one of the last tag lines for a late, great newspaper “A sign of intelligent life, from the pages of the Post.” Years later, the Chronicle leaves intelligence up for debate.

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