Not Too Hard CDH

See what you can accomplish when you just do your job!


The current coach and staff certainly helped confirm everything I suspected about the Dana. The Dana was lazy and figured he was fireproof with the buyout cost. He was wrong. Even when given every benefit of the doubt and more resources than any coach at Houston EVER had, the Dana found a way to eff it up.


Pez’s extension is also to blame… Hooefully,he has learned from that…


Do you really think Pez has the power to give away millions of UH bucks?


By FAR the worst UH HC, know record was better than Dimel and Helton but The Disgraceful Dud had TONS more support and resources than they had to work with.


One thing about 2023 is that when you think, “It can’t be that bad”, sometimes it is.

2 things come to mind:

  • The PAC-12 drawn out TV negotiations was just as bad as people were saying. It was all smoke and mirrors. Finally, the PAC collapse confirmed everyone’s worst prognostications.

  • The ‘lazy’ coaching and recruiting from Dana Holgorsen was just as bad as people were saying. It was all smoke and mirrors. A competent coach steps in and confirms everyone’s worst prognostications.


The AD… Who approves coaching contracts then…?

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Is under a microscope

The guy was a flat out embarrassment to the school, the team, and the fans. I’m surprised he didn’t use Microsoft Teams to coach from the bar.


Screw that! PEZ extended a guy that wasn’t performing. IMO that is a fireable offense…


PEZ collects a salary. I don’t play the “It wasn’t me!” game.

So Khator fired the guy that got the extension but not Pez. What does that mean to you?

So I’m curious……have we ever heard from any of the HARD core Dana apologists?
They said he wasn’t lazy….and we had no proof.
They said because of no facility that’s why he couldn’t recruit better.
They said we didn’t have the NIL money to get good transfers or freshman.
They personally called some of names because of our negative comments about Dana.

Has any one of them come out and said they were wrong? Or just hibernated like cowards?

The thing about these people that pissed me off the most was their inability to comprehend what most were saying….At the time most were calling out Dana for his lazy attitude, lack of work ethic or preparedness….the fact the man’s name was Dana Holgerson meant not to me.
It’s about the entire university being embarrassed almost weekly….about the university suffering and not getting anywhere near our moneys worth.
I didn’t hate Dana, I hated what he was doing to the University of Houston.

And now we are see just how bad the problem really was……shocking honestly.

These folks that could not see the forest for the trees because of their love for Dana should come out of hiding.


Has to be approved by UH board. I’m sure Mr Fertitta had some say in the decision. Not saying Pez didn’t approve of the extension or perhaps even recommended it.
But I don’t think the final say was on him


I think Dana lovers laid the groundwork for their cover by saying the people in charge will make the decision when it’s time. I’m guessing if they come back they may come in ripping CDH b/c he is no longer the head ball coach of dear ol’ varsity or something contrived like that. Maybe even saying they suspected he wasn’t the guy but are loyal real Coogs.

That’s why their opinions weren’t worth much imo b/c if all you do is say awesome stuff about the current coach no matter what they do (don’t do) you’re not really saying anything.

What do I know tho, I never submitted my resume.


I was a supporter for a while. Year one was a pass, then with Covid, i gave a pass. The 12-2 year was a good one even though it was a light schedule, it was 12-2. The 8-5 year was enough for me to begin seeing the writing on the wall with stupid penalties (coaching), missed arm tackles (coaching), no adjustments (ever!), and really poor recruiting which led to lack of depth. This season was a disaster. Period. I traveled in to see the UTSA game and was disappointed to say the least. Where was the crowd? The enthusiasm. I watch every game, the announcers kept referring to him as an offensive “genius”, where was that version of him?
I certainly hope that they negotiated some kind of a deal on the way out that we don’t know about and got a reduction on the buyout.
I think it is easy to say that there is a true “buzz” in just watching what the new regime is doing and able to do in just two short weeks!

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Leave them be. No need to call them out. We all wanted CDH to succeed but it didn’t work out. We’ve moved on. To new beginnings! Go Coogs!


I could have called them out by name….i didn’t.

But Sukie is absolutely spot on with how they will slide back in……

I’m not listening to their BS this time around….if that’s petty so be it.