Not Your Average Dog Walk

I use a combo of local streets and the golf course to walk my dog usually starting about 5:00am. for her 3 mile walk.

This morning I was just starting out and got about a half a mile down the road and this pickup slowed up, stopped and opened his window. The fellow said “I just wanted to warn you there’s an alligator just hanging out in the street about 200 yards up the street”. I said thanks and started to continue. Sure enough, up ahead is about a 6 foot alligator just lying in the street. Guess waiting for his Uber driver. My dog is pretty aggressive so, we turned around and took an alternative route.

I know that an occasional alligator appears in Quail Valley but usually down towards the Lake Olympia side which is quite a bit lower. Funny, yesterday my dog went after a possum in the same area.

My buddy got a picture. Claims it’s closer to 8’


8 feet? Must have been in his socks.

What’s his wingspan 24"?

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