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So as most of you don’t know what to make of this UT support via Twitter. Is it real support or is it just lip service? Does UT really want UH in the big12? Is this a political move by UT to get a UT_Houston? I have seen the boards from both side a buzz about adding Houston. Some are pro and other are against. No one knows what is going on behind closed doers but history tells me not to trust UT. So I am going to go with what I know. We should no way trust UT and I would advise not to make any agreements hat would give them UT Houston. To do so would be a grave mistake I’m my opinion. We should look for other p5 conferences. We appreciate the gesture from UT and Tech but I do not buy it. Not for one second. Until something is signed I just don’t believe it.


Second. I don’t buy their support for a NY minute. I understand that they’re probably looking out for themselves, so should we. Absolutely no negotiation on that BS school they want to set up. Total BS and we should go after the PUF if they keep it up.

I hope there is another P5 option out there and that’s what’s got them all worked up. This is a battleground city and it would be great to have it split three ways and see who comes out on top. SEC (they should have taken us), PAC 12, or big 12.

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Any deal, assuming it’s the only way in, should require full acceptance into the Big XII, before we agree to any retraction of our objection for UT Houston. Note: I am still against any effort to attach one with the other!

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YIPES … I expected more from our admins … like cool heads and calm nerves under fire.

The nervous nellies we have in abundance and we DON’T need our board admin to join this group.

YEPP it is behind closed doors and some of us expected there to be a LOT OF GIVE AND TAKE …

Just a guess but I am basing it on CowChip and some reliable OTHERS …

We went from last place to first and appear to be securing that spot over BYU who probably is in 2nd place.

From there it could be Cincy and Memphis and maybe UConn with USF all vying for 3rd and 4th.

THAT IS PROBABLY WHERE ALL THE TALK is centered … so this won’t be like going through a Whataburger drive through.

IT WILL TAKE SOME TIME to decide the last two.

And no word is NOT because the horns are betraying us or can’t be trusted … everyone but the DKR grounds keepers have sent us some encouraging word.

BUT as to be expected …

Our nervous nellies will no doubt come up with horrendous stories of doom and gloom and misery abounding …

As I suggested in another post … instead of joining them the admins should create a temp. board where they can wail and moan and groan so that we don’t have to hear them … and where their fellow moaners can join them until this is OVER.



Whatru a noob?

I don’t trust UT, but I DO trust Renu, Hunter and Tilman. Those three will NOT get outfoxed, IMO.


I agree. I feel like dealing with UT is like dealing with the Corleone family or the Underwoods. But I do trust our administration, Chairman Fertitta and Dr. Khator. They will negotiate any deals that are in our best interest.

I too oppose a UT-Houston because I feel that it is like letting the fox in the henhouse. I saw a comment somewhere about it maybe being a joint facility with UH, UT and TT. That, I could live with.

If UT legitimately wants us in the Big XII, we are in. They and the three dwarfs have enough votes to block anyone else from getting in if UH does not get admitted. By virtue of what the ACC did last week they, the Big XII, knows for certain if they do nothing they ARE a dead man walking conference.

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Kirk Bohls article on front page sports in Austin American Statesman addresses this. “UT all too eager to help. Hardly a simple act of kindness”. Discusses the bargaining chip. In return for their support, UH drops it’s opposition to UT Houston campus. Hope this is not correct!

I completely agree. I wouldn’t trust them to hold my drink, let alone keep their word on anything about a uth. They stink everything up. I hope we somehow get to the PAC. Additionally everyone will start believing we’re just another one of UT’s dwarves, and i hope that Renu and Tillman will be smarter and stronger than becoming another Tech…

P.s. if someone doesn’t like what a post is about they simply don’t need to read it, no need to be constantly rude.

I get the skepticism, I get not wanting to trust UT, I get all that. But the fact is if this is the only option (which it appears it is), UH has no other choice. Getting 2 million a year from TV rights in AAC isn’t going to cut it. It isn’t going to keep coaches here and it is not going to continue the upward trajectory we are enjoying currently. Unless SEC, PAC, ACC, or Big Ten have made intentions of adding UH within 2-3 years, Big 12 has to the destination. UH can’t wait 5-10 years. Momentum would have stopped and the school would regress.

So while I know being a cynic and a skeptic is what many Coogs do best, I can only hope you do take a moment to think about what the positives could be coming out of this. Think about in-state road games, think about TDECU becoming the hottest ticket in town, think about being able to smack talk with co-workers who attended other in-state schools. Think about UH getting more money and being able to secure coaches, continue to improve facilities and be as big time as they should be. Think about the fact that in the Big 12, UH could lose 2-3 games and still go to a good bowl, that definitely isn’t the case in AAC.

Do I think this all could go horribly wrong? Yeah, that is in the back of my head, but until those fears become reality, I am going to be excited about the possibilities. I am not crapping on your pessimism, just giving some reasons why I am optimistic.

Ticket, concessions, merchandise etc. sales could be bigger than the TV deal during the buy in.

Never blindly trust. Trust but confirm. I trust our UH team to confirm everything.

Fudge that! They’ll let us join then abandon the league BEFORE we get full royalties and still have their BS school.

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just because we basically HAVE to take it, doesn’t mean we have to like it. So as I’ve said i wish the pac comes through.

Nothing will be in writing. No reason UH can’t oppose it after getting the big12 invite. Should the invite not come though…nothing will ever be built either.

I’m not sure how much truth there is to this idea that we’ll back off opposition to the “research facility” in exchange for a Big 12 invitation. Sen. Whitmire said there was no way, and he’s pretty plugged in to what’s happening at UH. Remember how peeved he got in the press when he wasn’t informed about raising SAT scores and how Dr. Khator apologized to him? I think we’re getting in for 2-3 reasons:

  1. The governor and lt governor, both Houstonians, know UH in the Big 12 would be a substantial economic benefit to the Houston area and the state and don’t want Orlando or Fort Collins or wherever to be the beneficiary of that revenue over the state’s largest city. Texas and Tech aren’t going to tell the two most powerful figures in state government to go jump in a lake without political repercussions.

  2. At least one of the research firm’s data demonstrated that UH was one of the two most attractive schools for the Big 12 to add. They paid those firms a lot of money for a reason. So simply put, we’re deserving.

  3. There may be an acknowledgement that Houston has become more of, as an AAS sportswriter said, an SEC and UH town than a Big 12 city. I’m sure they’d like to turn that around and probably could with UH in the conference.

You presented the ideal scenario just maybe short of a PAC12 invite. I am sure you understand why so many of us are skeptical. I do like your thinking process.
PAWRFUL your posts are always great but we have every right to question uta’s real intent especially after so many years. The ideal conclusion to all of this would be for uta to abandon their uth plans and we get two invites one from the small12 and one for the PAC12.
But what will uta do with the land?..That the biggest question in all of this. Your guess is as good as mine. Something HAS TO GIVE. When that “something” comes my skepticism will hopefully disappear.

Grow roses on it or farm it out to Bevo … who cares …

We have more colleges in Houston than we can shake a leg at … and there are three with football teams and one NFL team … UH Rice HBU St Thomas and all the community colleges and UH annexes … plus two medical schools and I believe even TWU even has an college here in the medical center.

When UH joins a P5 there will not be another college or university to compete with it.

Except for L.A. no major city who has a P5 has another P5 threatening it and UCLA and USC are getting along just fine for decades now in the same city.

Congrats to PAWRFUL–a post without using the term “nervous nellies.”


Thanks … but you left out the moaners wailers knashing of teeth’ers … you will hurt their feelings by not including them …

I see my antagonists Amy F. Fowler and ole zigless agree with you … no surprise …


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