Ntambwe Leaving Tech

I know it was a beat down we put on Tech but there’s always tomorrow kid…

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He’s Jonathan Kuminga’s brother and once Kuminga went the G league route this was bound to happen.

wow…too much quitting in this generation…maybe it’s school (attending classes and getting passing grades is just too much to ask for some)


Or, I don’t know, give the kid the benefit of the doubt. It doesn’t affect us one bit. Probably not the best spot to burn a whole generation to the ground.


20 year olds (Gen Z) were raised by Gen X so shouldn’t it fall on that generation? Somehow millennials will get blamed for the action of 20 year olds and raising them though, biggest scapegoat generation in history!


I really just like remembering that whooping we put on them… Lol.

I wish the kid nothing, but good luck moving forward.

Little did this kid know he was letting his whole generation down! lol. But I do think it will be a tough loss for Tech when they get into conference. Baylor is a big team, UT will cause issues inside too.

Maybe it’s the older folks who have made all the institutions stale, corrupt, inefficient, and wasteful; and kids’ instinctive sense of opportunity cost is suggesting better decisions that have a chance at leading to non zero sum positive outcomes.


The older I got…the smarter my daddy got…still applies !!


Will be interesting to see if he pops up elsewhere next semester due to the NCAA rule

Doubtful. School really isn’t his thing, apparently.