Nvm not a big deal

not a big issue

As a stadium nerd that isn’t happy about the design (segregated with walls breaking up the bowl and we’ll regret not paying to gut the end zone seats too)… I think you’re a bit off. Yes, there are floor seats for the rich folk, but students will be behind them, the red wall you speak of is behind the students.

They won’t be right on top of the court like Cameron Indoor but nothing in 16 years of UH hoops says we’ll have students to embrace that culture.

EDIT: Welp, all that for nothing. I’m up for debating how we’re renovating the arena anytime though! :slight_smile:

The terrace seating looks awesome though and I hope I can afford to sit up there.

Three rows of student bench seating right on the floor, in front of Tier 1 seating (10 rows) and Tier 2 seating. Balance of student seating will be North (I believe) of Tier 1/2 seating.