NY Times buying The Athletic - Sept 12, 22 - Ads have come to The Athletic

I love it on the $1 a month deal.
Hopefully the NY Times still offers it. They charge $1 a week.

(registration but the 1st few visible paragraphs sum it up)


Everything the NYT touches turns into a news dumpster. Hope the Athletic can survive as I am a subscriber and have enjoyed their coverage of college sports.


They were bleeding money. Best outcome for a bad situation.

agreed, it’s doomed now

From the comments. MANY share your opinion.

My thing:
Just leave Sam Khan’s content alone and we will get along just fine. I’m there for the “Texpert”.

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I see only the right wing nut conspiracy mongerers are freaking out over this.


What’s the NY Times? Are they the Giants’ house band?

Read the Athletic is losing over $50 mil a year

The Athletic was desperate for money and the NYT needed a subscriber boost. I would fully expect this to be a “since you’re paying for The Athletic, you now have access to the NYT as well” That way at reporting time they can say they have had an increase of X number of paid subscribers. Looks good for everyone

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Times stock sank on the news

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No way Jose

Hard to really figure out what’s going to happen. For some reason, probably political, outkick has had a hard on for the athletic from day 1. I love my subscription and hope to have a reason to renew.

Hopefully Sam Kahn will be a survivor of any purge. He does a great job.

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Whats political about this?

The Times might not be good at the business thing

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Fine with me. Sam Kahn Jr does not talk politics.
“When you take over a company that had lost, you know, $100 million over the last two years, it’s never going to be business as usual,”

Maybe Disney should follow suit with ESPN

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