NY Times new worry Cornavirus is airborne

Some one else can put in the story line. I just saw it and was wondering if our doctors on our board can give us some insight as to whether or not this is just another let us make this sound even worse or it is true and now we have to shut down the entire world economy?

Here is the Times article:

I hate to belabor the point (actually I don’t hate it) the chances of catching it are astronomically high, so people should be working on their immune system and their overall health.

Here is a BMI calculator.

If your BMI is over 30, you have a serious risk of getting seriously sick from this.

This is from Harvard:

I think I am going to invest in UV lighting manufacturers.

Isn’t this the concept or theory on why all the NYC people who stayed at home and got sick in April and May with older ventilation systems in large high rise buildings?

Yes. Northerners are inside during the winter and we are inside in the summer. That is why any policy that either directly or indirectly keeps people inside is the wrong policy.

The sun is good for us. Beaches, parks and playgrounds need to stay open. Outdoor Basketball courts should be hoping. Baseball fields, soccer fields etc…

What a lot of people were hoping was that the virus would get weaker in the summer so the sunbelt and the west would be spared. Unfortunately that is not the case.

But the theory still is running that it doesn’t do as well outside but may flourish inside (whether winter or summer) in ventilation systems. Kinda of puts a big dent of stay at home.

Yes absolutely. Masks are a good idea. Staying inside is a really bad idea. Bars and restaurants with outdoor seating are probably safer than working in an office.

I am not exactly sure (I am not an HVAC expert) on “older” ventilation systems in these buildings.

I have not been in the buildings that I think you are referring to but from a non-expert, looking from the outside, I think the ventilation system is called a window. Which may or may not open. I am not meaning that it doesn’t open because it is a modern system, it doesn’t open because it is stuck. On the other hand it could always be stuck open.

I don’t mean to be funny. These buildings in some of the most effected neighborhoods are very old.

Now, if you mean that people were getting sick because of no ventilation at all and living in close quarters then yes. That is why you would see whole families in trouble with the virus.

I also assume that there was lots of transmission on subways in the early weeks.

Good point on the dangers of staying indoors during the summer. Even newer HVAC systems aren’t really designed to vent inside air that could carry heavy viral loads…in fact newer homes and buildings do a better job of sealing air in.

HVAC systems are designed to cool the air inside the home and it does this by recirculating the same air. It’s inefficient to pull warmer air in and push colder air out. Filters should catch all the crap in the air, but I doubt they filter the virus out.

So you support having no indoor restaurant dining and shutting down indoor shopping?

To me it is kind of absurd to blame “stay at home” to the spread. Before the virus most people spent the majority of the day inside their home. Not sure how being in an office for 8 hours and home for 16 hours is better. An extra few hours of being home wasn’t the “wrong call”. It would be far worse if people were in an office or as we have seen together inside restaurants, bars, stores.

As for NYC, I don’t think a lot of people understand how it is to live in some areas there. People who “stayed at home” there probably had to leave their home many times a week and had to use public transportation multiple times a week.

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No but a lot of the lockdown was stupid and counterproductive. Even this weekend with beach closures. That forced all those people off the beach and into someone’s home to celebrate the 4th. There were so many 4th of July parties in my neighborhood, there is no way in hell this virus is going to be contained.

A total lockdown where no one can venture out might work but it will never be accepted by the american people.

All the decisions were without thought and without nuance and certainly without any sense of fairness. For instance a total closure of bars doesn’t take into account bars with large outdoor venues which would have been safe. We just react and we don’t think about whether it is going to work or not. Then if someone disagrees we bludgeon them.

Many other countries figured it out. Is our leadership that bad? You are correct about the thought process, here in Texas especially the plan has made no sense all along. Very little thought was put into it and they didn’t work with businesses. Plus we have had to deal with multiple Thursday afternoon announcements of “you have to shut down tomorrow”. No heads up at all for businesses and no support during reopening.

It is not just in Texas. California locked down earlier and locked down harder and reopened later, they have the same issues. Unless you completely lock down, the virus will be waiting for you when you reopen. America is not set up to lockdown.

Closing outdoor venues was just stupid but we seem to be doing the same stupid things over and over.

We’re extremely late on this theory. I posted a study that Japan did when all of this first started that showed suspended particles in the air.

In other news 2020 is determined to take us all out:

Why the heck does everything come out of China?

People in glass houses should not throw stones. :wink: New Mexico has had several hundred cases reported since the first case in 1949. Then again, not surprising, I hear they eat wild deer in that state… :upside_down_face:

In the United States, there have been anywhere from a few to a few dozen cases of plague every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In 2015, two people in Colorado died from the plague, and the year before there were eight reported cases in the state.

I had no idea. Honestly. Lol I guess we’re good since it has been here?

I heard about it some years ago, NM seems to have several cases a year. I read that it’s easily treated with antibiotics if caught in time.

Not as scary as coronavirus.

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I’m building a new home just now and the new
HVAC systems and design are kinda radical. There are 2 outside vents that continually suck in fresh air.
The insulation and roof are new too. No more ridge
vents and soffits. No more thermal barriers. Thick Foam is sprayed in on the underside of roof. Attic has small amount of conditioned air even. Suppose
to be more efficient even with the almost continuous fresh air fans . Or as Mr Barnum would say, “there is one born every minute.“ Hope I made A good choice ???