Obi Igbokwe Suspension :(

I hadn’t seen this anywhere before. Sounds very suspect, and disappointing for Obi.

There has been a lot of controversy around this new test the last couple years. MLBPA was trying to raise it to 100 picograms for a positive. I think the real issue is that athletes who may have taken the drug once years ago could test positive as the drug can be dormant in your system for a long time before showing up. Not saying Obi took anything. A bunch of guys who did are worried they will get hit with a suspension for something they did years before. I do agree with him that USADA is too strict. Track is a very dirty sport but we don’t need to be stricter than everybody else in the world.

We should know more at some point but this is not good.
The major suspects to me have been the Jamaicans. To keep producing world class sprinters year after year men or women is more than suspect for such a small island. They also had sprinters testing positive recently. I never bought in Usain Bolt. All of the T&F specialists have told me that it is impossible for Usain Bolt body to run that fast without some form of doping. We found out about Lance Armstrong years later. I would not be surprised at all if we do find out he was doping.
Even though Carl barely tested positive (can’t remember substance) very late in his career his times over the years were always consistent.
Gatlin is the doping poster child. How in the world is he allowed to compete speaks volume about what the IAAF is.

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