Observations from UH’s 1st basketball practice


30 minutes really isn’t much time so it is understandable why most of the media stayed away.
Glad you made it!

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lol allowing only 30mins of practice and then having that 30mins be ONLY drills and nothing remotely close to scrimmaging is kinda funny from a media standpoint, with almost nothing to talk or write about about.

will there be a red and white scrimmage this year?? or cougar madness thing?

most of that practice footage was pretty much meaningless but there was something that was revealed that none of the media people noted… they had robbie running with the bigs on the defensive drills…the staff have been up talking robbie all offseason and talking about how he will play…it was hard to see where the minutes would come from, but its clear we are prepping for a lot of 4 guard lineups with robbie at the 4


To me the other takeaway was Kellen and how he is similar to CKS in style and expectations. Also like the detail of CKS teaching the recruits.


First - thanks so much for posting the videos and your written observations. I have been hungry to watch just this kind of stuff.
Second - this video confirms one of the Sampson the Elder traits that I find really admirable. In his media availabilities he oft comes across as the avuncular sage. But when you see him in games - he just exudes fire in the belly and this video gives an inkling of how is he able to instill that in his staff.
Finally - really cool insight about the recruits. Seems to me that is how one builds a “family” atmosphere - if you get invited in - you get to learn.

Thanks again.

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In that 2nd video at the end you can really see Francis’ length. Everyone kept talking about his wingspan: he looks about an inch taller than Fabian, but like 5 inches longer.

So Ryan gets in and starts it off with a negative.
Cannot say I am surprised.

There definitely should be. Every other team is doing it

Thanks for posting, I thought it was an insightful article. Nice video clips as wel

Were all the players present and healthy?

If so would that make it the first offseason we’ve had without a major injury? Under Sampson that is.

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