OC is Briles. HC is Applewhite or Dana. DC is Belk. What changes?

I remember we had a top offense when Briles was our OC. Now take Belk as our DC, and Applewhite/Dana as our HC.

What would have been different?

You’re kidding, right?



Hey! I’m using my one dumb discussion topic for the offseason!


Briles offense was part of the problem. He had no regard on what it did to the UH Defensive side of the ball when they went fast pace all game. They go 3 n out n all h… breaks lose. That’s one area I give credit to CDH on, he said he wasn’t going to do that. It wears the Defense down, UH Defense, not the opponent. I’m sure Belk appreciates trying to have some type ball control .


Yeah briles is double edged. But pays off in the wow factor. Isn’t good against good teams.


I like what we’re going. Great def and an offense with ball control. No gimmicks and it proves we can win big with a none gimmick offense. We beat auburn.

Many yrs we thought we could only win here with gimmicks which isn’t true.

Why Applewhite?

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Big relationship with Houston area high schools? I think?

The football team needs more WR bubble screens as much as the basketball team needs more 3-guard weaves.


What is the purpose of this thread?

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go levine for recruiting and special teams


The real answer is nobody would worry about Belk looking for other jobs and we’d have another 8 win season that could add easily have been 10 as it could have been 4.

I dunno. If Dana ever leaves, gets fired, retires, I wouldn’t mind Briles as the next Head Coach of this team. I think he’s got the experience and pedigree.

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How dare you speak badly of the three man weave at the top of the key sir!


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Applewhite as HC…good gawd, what a nightmare…BAAAARRRRRFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

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Briles as OC
Belk as DC
Herman as HC

Belk wouldn’t be here with Applewhite as HC.


Yeah we could go through hypos of mixing and matching staffs all day but it’s fruitless because there’s no reason to think Applewhite could have hired Belk in the first place.

There’s also more to a staff than just OC and DC as well.

Strong pass

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