Oct 3 game?



Please yes


This sounds likely. I don’t see Tulane backing out if this is agreed upon, because an AAC schedule is the only thing that will allow for this season to be semi-feasible. I still think they should cancel the ESPN Invitational, but money is money I suppose.


Sounds good and I hope it happens, but given everything that has transpired this season, I’m not getting my hopes up.

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Love to see it but…

I see another Memphis problem.

Memphis would have to play
SMU, Houston, UCF, Temple and Cincinnati without an off week.

Hey, the BIG10 and SEC have tought schedules, so can Memphis.


At this point…I think it makes sense to move any game you can up to sooner this season…increases your chances of actually having a game.

edit: unless you are Baylor and scared you might lose


We had a tough schedule last season 4 games in 18 days, no break. It can be done.


It’s scheduled until it isn’t.

Memphis has had a week off – 9/18 when they were supposed to play us. If they don’t like it, they should stay off party busses.


Someone has been reading the recommendations from Coogfans.

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I’m going to have to agree. Either forfeit the game and risk losing eligibility for the CC game, or don’t be too picky when the team you screwed out of a game schedules a new date. Memphis should be the last ones to have input on what works best for them.

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If you look at our schedule, we have no off weeks from Tulane on. If we play Memphis on 10/3, we would have no off weeks from that game on – and would have a short week before Tulane after playing Memphis. No sympathy for Memphis here.


We’re not switching our schedule to play Memphis…If they wanna play, they can play us DEC 5…preferably HERE and not there…


Is the season going to be longer now that these other conferences are going to play?

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We scared…!!!

You SHOULD be…If you ever play play us, we will whip your ***!!

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I did not want to play Memphis early in the year and still do not want to open with them. By December 5 we will know what our team is capable of accomplishing or not.

I don’t understand? Tulane is off Oct 3rd. Move our game with them to that date.
Memphis is off Oct 10th and we could play them then. It just makes too much sense. Why not?


Because ESPN has us on their flagship station for that Thursday game. Money, contracts, and exposure all seem like pretty good reasons to me.


According to Sam Khan the Houston Vs Memphis game will be December 5th