Offense struggles?

So far in 3 games we have found ways to win which good teams do. The defense is looking real good and is only going to get better. The thing I am concern with is the offense and yes we have injuries to our best 2 players but I just feel we are still not clicking on all cylinders. The o-line has to get better so we can run if that happens I think we will have a very dangerous team that can go all the way. Not sure if we have the big uglies on the o-line to make that happen. Any thoughts?

It always takes the offense longer to click than the defense. So I am not too concerned.

Losing Greg Ward for an entire week really hurt. You could tell the rhythm was just off against Cincy. We moved the ball at will, but broke down in the red zone and killed ourselves with turnovers. Offense requires continuity and rhythm far more than defense. We need to get Ward healthy and keep him that way. But you’re 100% right that we need a couple of guards to step up. We have not been able to run between the tackles and a good defense will hurt us badly if that doesn’t change. Ward is so much more dangerous when we have a running threat besides him. The schedule gets fairly easy for us until the Louisville game, which should give us time to get the guard positions locked down and keyed in. At least that’s my hope.

I agree it takes time for the offense to gel, but I agree with acruz2 that this is concerning. We have relied on GWIII to pass the ball a lot, which has worked, but look how bad Postma looked against Lamar with his throws. I only say this because of the line can’t protect GWIII to where he gets hurt and we have to rely on Postma I don’t feel good about. I guess time will tell but I felt the line gelled faster last year and they had more injuries and a new system to learn.

8 days is the perfect time for our team to consolidate, get healthy and get better in all facets of the game. I am very encouraged by the resiliency that we are showing even when we are struggling. 28 points in a fourth quarter on the road is a major statement. These are the signs that all coach wants. We are getting stronger and will get much better very soon.

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This offense will be as good as the OL allows it to be. If you cannot open up running lanes for Catalon / Car / etc., you have to protect the QB. I was concerned going into the OU game but left feeling pretty good about the OL. My concerns resurfaced in the Cincy game.

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We miss Ayers, Brandon Wilson (at RB) and Farrow as play makers

I agree the offense is not clicking. Especially in the red zone. Like in the past, I think comes back to the OL. There just is not a lot of experience there. The inside run blocking has not been good, it makes CMA look stubborn when he keeps trying and it is not working.

I think teams have been scheming to take away Wards runs, especially on the option and for the most part they have shut it down. I will say it again, and many will not like it. I am just not WOWed with Catalon. I have not seen the break away speed, nor cuts or turning the corner as I would have expected. With the same type of formation and play King seems to get more yards and is simply faster.

Wards passing on the short and intermediate routes has been much better. The back shoulder throw is almost unstoppable. I wonder if his injury has taken some of the zip off his ball. He also needs to improve his long passes. His accuracy seems off, a few times the WR has had to play DB to prevent an int.

This team still has a lot of work to do. Especially going into conference play.

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We have problems at guard. We have solid tackles and a center, but the guard play has been poor. If there is anyone that can maximize our talent at the position and find the right combination it is Coach Warehime. Things got better when Marcus Oliver came in to replace Long. Fontana was a penalty waiting to happen. We have eight days to figure out who can get the job done, and then a game against an over-matched opponent to test it. By UConn, I think we will have the right guys at guard and it will open up the interior run game.

Let’s not forget that Catalon is nursing an injury as well. UH is fortunate to have some options at RB.

…and turnovers. We haven’t taken as good care of the ball in these first three games. Also, our struggles in the red zone are further hampered by penalties.

Agree, one of the hallmarks of last years team was how secure they held on to the ball and the few penalties yards they incurred.
Turnovers , penalties loses games. Forget the NC , UH will not sniff the AAC championship if the team repeats last weeks sloppy play.

Cary, Long has already been replaced by Oliver, a big improvement…Look for Denley and Eloph to compete for that other spot…Our OL coach is going to tinker in the Tx state gme and nail down the best OGs so we are ready for UCONN…

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