Offensive philosophy

Yes we do. Ware was recruited to run the veer.

Actually it is differnt than what Jimbo is trying to do by a few million dollars :cowboy_hat_face:

The 1989 team gave up 13.6 points per game. They gave up 8 less points in their 1st 6 games combined than they gave up in 1 game vs SMU this year.

To be fair, we also couldn’t recruit much later because of severe scholarship restrictions restrictions due to CBY

I dont care if its 3yrds and a cloud of dust. However it looked or felt to you, we still had the 17th best offense by the only metric that matters. Having the 112th scoring defense is not going to win games no matter how good the offense is.

Fair enough, but we had the talent to be top 5 in scoring. You cannot let’s talented teams hang around.