Offensive philosophy

I hope Dana is taking notes while watching todays playoff games. Both TCU and Ohio State use tempo keep the defenses from changing personnel. Both can work the clock as well. Even Alabama uses this combination nowadays. I would love to see Dana get back to using tempo when we get to the B12


If we had a defense like them with as much depth as them then maybe he would. But without depth, the fast pace will wear out the D and not provide the desired results.


Norm Chow is still alive and probably available.

End of year Coaching is alive and well on Coogfans. :upside_down_face:


Not if we get up big on the other team and our DLine can tee off on the QB every snap. Why do OLinemen who play every snap not worry about getting worn down?

Last year our defense played pretty good and we still ran a slow-paced huddle offense that allowed defenses to game plan against us. Not to mention, the play calling was way too predictable.

Even if we have a bad defense I’d still like to see a more aggressive offense that doesn’t look so predictable. It’s one thing to run a fast-paced offense all game but another to combine tempo with some ball control. Not to mention, we don’t have the talent to play power football.

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You mean like we did against Oregon in 2005 when we jumped out to a 21-0 lead in the first quarter but our D was on the field most of the half and were gassed by the break which let Oregon win 38-24? Yeah that worked really well.

When we had a D under Pardee that would provide 3 and outs for our O to get back on the field fast, that works. But when Pardee and Eddy went to the Oilers, so did our D and it was the beginning of a long dark period for the Coogs.


Comparing 2005 Cougars to 2005 Oregon?
Their O was high flying and quick scoring. Why did their D not wear down? Not a real question.

Depth and quality line. But I was at that game and saw what happened with my eyes.

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Had we not gone tempo it would have been 56-0.

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We’re the #17 scoring offense.
JFC, just because we’re not running 500 plays and leaving 39sec on the play clock doesn’t mean our offense is bad.


All Briles knew was fast, fast, fast tempo. He rarely tried to slow it down. That’s the difference between our past offense and what many teams are doing today that run a combination of tempo and ball control.

Look, playing fast paced all game long isn’t the answer. I never thought we should go back to the run n shoot style offense. As you said, we have to keep the defense fresh. That’s why I think the best offenses today use a combination of tempo and ball control to work the clock.

Perhaps more importantly, though, is having an offense that isn’t predictable. We used a lot of misdirection and pre-snap motion in the past to keep defenses guessing and prevent them from changing personnel. Trying to win on talent alone with a predictable offense is no different then what Jimbo is attempting to do at A&A.


So you blame a tired defense for our offense only scoring 3pts after the first qtr?

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All great job searches start with the question, “Is _______ still alive???” :laughing:


Eddy was a good DC, but we lost so many good players off the ‘89 defense: Oglesby, Veasey, Jenkins (three of the front four); Lathon, Jones (two of the three LBs); Price, Callaway, Montgomery, and Ellison (entire secondary). So we lost nine starters!

Some of us ole timers remember that Pardee had his success on both sides of the ball with CBY’s recruits.


It looked to me like maybe 2 plays to get to 3rd and long might not be a productive offensive philosophy.

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CBY left exceptional talent: Ware, Spoon, Kimble Anders, Ed Thomas (TE), a young and improving OL (Banes, Forsyth, et al). On D: Veasy, Warren, Oglesby, Johnny Jackson, Lamar Lathon, C. Price…

CBY had reloaded. The aforementioned would have made an exceptional Veer backfield.


Jim, that’s exactly right. We outscored a lot of teams with a great offense but having a good defense was key. I’ll never forget the game against Texas where Johnny Jackson had 3 interceptions. That defense was talented.


You said it, the offenses job is to score and I hope quickly. Slow methodical drives tend to lead to a false start or hold by our offense.

It is up to the defense to control their time on the field not the offense, don’t give up 26 yards on 3rd and 19 and they are back on the bench resting. This year was not an anomaly. Last year it took a kick return against SMU to win after giving up big yards when the game should have been over. It is not the UH offense scoring too fast it is the defensive scheme giving up big plays on 3rd and long.

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