Official UH v OU game thread


15 minutes untill kickoff!!!

Waited 2 years for this since they announced it


Finally, time. Go Coogs

OU gets the ball first.

Lot of red in the stands

Welp. Offense needs to answer.

Don’t expect holding to be called much today.

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Nope, OU held a ton on that drive

Good call

Inside draw instead of trying to get Ward on the perimeter on 3rd and 7? Okay.

Hmmm…at least we scored, but 3 straight runs :sweat:

What a bunch of shills calling the game. Obviously holding Dunbar’s right hand back, “Poor call.” “And Dunbar trying to catch that with one hand…”

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Defense has to wake up

There we go, big hit

10-3. Need a TD here.

Can we just kneel every kick from now until the end of this game? Goodness.

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I sure like Catalon’s acceleration


Wilson needs to stop freaking hesitating when bringing the ball out of the EZ. Did the same thing against Louisville last year. Still ran it back 100 yards though.

Wow, Ward fit that in a hole to Dunbar

Using King already.