Official UH v OU game thread

Oh man…so close.


My voice hurts already. We could be here for a while.

We are one dimensional with duke out

Ed Oliver again!!!


OU so undisciplined on D


Great catch by Bonner

Line committing too many penalties

Big Kick by Cummings.

19-17 at half and we get the ball.

State wise we are winning on most levels. Gama are won in the fourth quarter

This game is so freaking good

We’ve had multiple TD opportunities, Dunbar and Johnson are burning the DBs. Just the passes a little long or off.

TD to open the 2nd half would be nice

Well…come on D


Big Ed!!!

Big time, D!!!

OU uses their 2nd timeout already. Long FG here

Starting to get a good feeling. Big game Bob is backing his king into the corner.