Oh Aggies

Putting aggie women in their aggie place


Smooth move, boneheads!

Aggies Baylor the women’s chalk talk, lol

Yipes two FOOTBALL coaches got sent to the dog house …

Estrogen … dish towels … and thongs … I guess we have covered the spectrum

Sumlin is running a tight ship alright … looking more like an actual pirate ship

With all the problems up the Brazos river at another location … one wonders what possesses testosterone overloaded coaches to risk their jobs when it cost others who were careless elsewhere.

The link is not what did in the coaches. They had 4 slides or so on blocking technique that was improper for a female audience.

Is this the first time these guys ever did a Chalk Talk? I wonder what types of messages they had at summer camp for kids. Buttermaker-Sumlin getting the kids to clean the pool and bring him cold beers?

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Just aggies being aggies, what else would you expect?

The images on what I would guess to be the basketball arena video board are HORRIBLE.

The suspended coaches are both being considered for Title IX coordinator positions at Baylor.

If I know those knuckle-draggers they are all saying that “this is being overblown, the world has become too PC (i.e. we liked it more when our campus was all white dudes with burr haircuts)”.

bleep them

Stoopid aggies.

Culture is often invisible to inhabitants. Evidently in A&M’s culture women have a well defined role just as they do at Baylor. I will guarantee those two coaches are not nearly as outside the norm as school officials are going to try to make them look. And both were totally clueless about the inappropriateness of their behavior. And of course there will be the token woman who comes forth to defend them both.

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If link works you will see just how stupid the coaches were. There are more like this.

Kevin Sumlin is running out of strikes at Texas A&M

This was yet another failure by Kevin Sumlin’s coaching staff – at least the third significant error in judgment in the last 19 months. He doesn’t have much more room for error. The fifth-year coach, whose production has diminished annually, needs to control the men who work for him, and he needs to do it now.

Interesting point in that article, is the women’s chalk talk outdated? Should it be coed?

You must be new to COOGFANS, this board knows everything about football. They will tell you so … chill it is hot enough outside!