Oh no - InBev buying Karbach

I’m sure they will say that nothing will change, same beer, same brewing techniques, blah blah blah. But over time they will become less innovative, let the quality slide, get much better distribution, sell more beer and make a bunch more money than they do now. Good for them. Too bad for those of us who enjoyed Weekend Warrior and Love Street. Anyone tasted a Goose Island lately?

Is Goose Island any different after they were bought out? I don’t know.

I get them selling out though. It would be hard to turn down a truck-load of cash and get greater distribution for your brand. People who have never had Karbach across the country now will get Love Street. It will be an option in sports arenas all over. I get the temptation and motivation, so I won’t be racking them over the coals about it. It’s a business decision.

If/when the product slips and/or changes then I’ll go elsewhere for my beer fix.

Some blow back already…

"Kevin Floyd, the fiery owner of Hay Merchant, was less reserved. The bar immediately began a “fire sale” of Karbach products and will not sell them in the future, he said.

“We’re going to sell everything and move on,” he said."

The owner of Cottonwood and Liberty Kitchen is looking at his future with the brewery as well, but has not made any decion to drop as of yet.

I don’t think the concern is with the product, but of the big guys trying to make the lives of the independent brewers a little more difficult.

I could taste the difference in GI last time I tried it. Once upon a time I’d have my Chicago-based daughter bring it down here when she traveled. Was there this summer and it didn’t taste as good.

Hey, I’d sell out too if i was getting rich doing it. I have no problem with people getting what they can get. More power to them.

I just hate that in the process of ramping up production the quality is likely to go down. Maybe not but I’d bet it does. Then again when I look around at all the folks drinking Bud Light and Coors Light at our games I realize than not many people care what they drink.

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Did Karbach Just Make the Entire City of Houston Hoppin’ Mad?
The Houston microbrewery was purchased by Anheuser-Busch InBev, sparking outrage from craft beer fans online.

“It’s a sad day,” wrote The Hay Merchant’s Kevin Floyd on Facebook. “I wish I could say I was surprised…but I’m not. On the upside, I am pulling all Karbach out of Hay Merchant and Underbelly.” The Montrose beer bar will be selling its cans of Karbach “as cheap as possible,” with drafts going for $1, cans for $1.50 and bombers for $3. “We are working hard to pull all the kegs out of the cellar,” Floyd finished.

The Petrol Station had a similar response, pledging to pull Karbach kegs from its upcoming anniversary party. Instead, the craft beer bar will be tapping its remaining kegs of Karbach next Wednesday for a special occasion: fundraising for the Texas Craft Brewers Guild. “The purpose of the guild is to promote Texas craft beer, educate the public about the qualities and attributes of craft beer and advancing the common interest of Texas craft brewers,” wrote Petrol Station on Facebook. “They also lobby to protect craft breweries from companies like ABI.”

Mad? There’s still St. Arnold. Sail, on Elissa!