Ohio, who TxSt beat, and beat Kansas (I know, nothing special), is giving Tennessee all they can handle. TxSt and Arkansas could be interesting. TxSt could be a decent team?

I think this probably says more about Tennessee than Ohio. Appalachian State, who gave UT all they could handle in week 1, is currently getting obliterated by Miami (FL) at home.

We’ll beat the Bobcats like a rented mule.

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NDSU is a very tough out. Every year they put guys into the NFL

Texas State was utterly destroyed by Arkansas today…We arent going to have any trouble with them. I believe we never punted last year, when we scored 59 on them

Anyone noticed that the once lowly MAC Akron zips wiped out or did a Louisville on Marshall @ Marshall!!! … 65 - 38

Doc Holiday bit the dust at the OK Corral … and what exactly is a zip.

Louisville BTW plays Marshall next at WVa.

ND bit the dust badly … and practically gave up the game with several minutes left …

I guess the horns are not as good as one believed and the tuna man is just your basic Starkist lunch meat and not Knute Rockne re-incarnated.

The horns took a nice lead like they did against ND but as usual allowed the bears to catch up and go ahead. Its still a close game and could go either way but the mystique is gone and Buchele is just human after all