OK. Enough. I'm now on the "fire the D-coor" bandwagon

I realize that having Oliver out makes it harder to defend the run, but that was simply UNACCEPTABLE!!!

We made a mediocre Temple team look like a power football juggernaut.




Was wondering why he was getting so much blessing from people after we beat teams with losing records, Play real teams (USF lost their third in a row) and that seems to bring people back to reality.

I know we have injuries and that might explain why teams can run up and down on us, but our pass defense has been an issue all year.

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I honestly cant suffer with this staff next year…this is definitely coach Levine and Bush again…


Temple had 2 true freshman backups destroying us.

You do have to make a change but listening to the radio Pardee did make a point that the linebackers were bigger than the d-line backups that are playing?? The defense wasn’t good before but injuries have just killed em. They can not stop a legit offensive line.

If this is a preview of next year it’s going to be a problem.

This line of thinking is why they all will be back next season.

Yeah, but coaches recruit, all of them…fall on coaches…

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Announcers said there o line was depleted , had to patch up an o line … damn , and they tore us up … chop blocks suck …

There was more fight in the student section!! Literally!! There was a fight when they were honoring the former swc team at half time!

Injuries are one thing but players being completely out of position is all coaching. This terrible defense is due to a very poor scheme which never attacks the offense. It leaves the CBs trying cover while the QB has all day. There are a lot of G5 teams with much less talent on defense that would not have given up 59 points to Temple.


Well, some FCS schools wouldn’t do it either…

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Miami fans warned us. We hoped for the best but they are right.


Just like Wyoming fans when we hired Dimel, in fact, they literally thanked us.


Remembered that as well…

I’m on the “Fire D’Onfrio tomorrow” bandwagon.


Like I said, should of left him in Dallas


Continuity hires are program killers. After Willie Fritz schools Opie again, he needs to get his walking papers.

Agree. Continuity hires are weak.

Renu is in a bad position. Costly to fire Applewhite. Costly to keep him.

Keep him = No fans and pay salary.

Fire him = Lots of fans (if they hire the right coach) and pay 2 salaries. If we get back to 9/10 wins per year, more TV, more fans, more corporate sponsors…etc…

Time to fix this before it gets worse. We can’t afford to lose or be average like Arkansas and ATM.


It’s hard firing anyone because it makes you look bad for hiring them. Admitting your mistake is better than holding out that it will be proven you were right with the hire in most cases. Minimize the damages and let everyone know mediocrity isn’t acceptable