OK, here's a query

Assuming USC and UCLA leave…

How poachable is Utah to the Big 12?

They’d now be able to renew their arch rivalry as a conference foe with BYU.

Assuming everything goes through as projected… I’d say they would be fools not to listen to our pitch. But I think everything would be contingent on holding UW and Oregon. Lose those two and I’d be floored if Utah, the Zona schools, and Colorado don’t sprint towards the Big 12.


BYU and Utah play every year.

I watched last Fall’s game.

When UT and OU left and the remaining 8 were exploring their options, did the Big 12 formally extend invitations to PAC schools or did they just assume they weren’t interested?

Looks like the PAC was hanging on by a thread and they “might” have been able to poach 4 PAC schools instead of 3 from the AAC + BYU.


But the schools they offered were sure to accept.

The PAC-12 schools were not.

What’s kind of funny is that there was a troll here at the time that was saying that they should hold off invitations and see what happens with the Pac-12 and we all laughed and called him a troll (and he was one, albeit maybe not wrong).

Anyway, timing is EVERYTHING!

Hopefully some BYU peeps are talking to Utah right now.

Ehh those schools were more committed than not to the PAC last summer. The impetus is that PAC was preparing for their media rights negotiation next year and presumably got some feedback on numbers from consultants. B10 has been in negotiations for several months and was supposed to be already wrapped up and announced but kept getting delayed “somehow”. I’m assuming they’ve been getting numbers on potential expanded conference with certain new schools and somehow back channeled those revenue numbers back to USC. That more than likely caused them to get UCLA as a partner to pull the trigger and jump ship with them.

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I dont know if i am the troll you were talking about or not, but last year i was here saying pretty much everything that has happened…i had hoped that the movement might trigger WVU and ND to the ACC and a renegotiated contract but that hasnt happened yet…but i knew the Big 12 would raid the AAC and not the other way around, i knew Houston would be joining, and they did, and i said USC would join the B1G…and they are. I wasnt trolling, i was using logic and common sense.

I hope that the Trojans enjoy hosting Illinois and Rutgers regularly instead of their West Coast rivals.


Didn’t you “warn” us about Holgo too?

Yeah… I’m sure theyll be wiping their tears with the billion dollar deal they’re gonna get. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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No the guy I’m talking about was (believed by us to be) Baylor-aligned.

Warn you about Holgs? Nope, i didnt have much to say about Holgs other than i think he is a horrid recruiter. He didnt recruit well at WVU and ran our program into the ground, and since being in Houston he hasnt seemingly been setting the world on fire in the recruiting rankings…now Houston had a good year last year and its too early to tell if that was because he is a good coach, or just made use of a weak schedule…if he has success at Houston then im happy for you, but i am glad he is gone from WVU. If he has success at Houston then its a win/win for all of us.

Not to interject facts but looking at your record, I would think the move to the Big 12 was more of a factor in your football teams performance than Holgorson. Plus besides a run from 2005 to 2007, you guys really weren’t setting the world on fire while you were in the Big East.