Okay, I finally believe it's possible, we're title contenders

I’m finally on the bandwagon, I think it’s realistically possible we’re national title contenders. If we’re one win from being ranked number 1 and leading the best conference in college basketball this late in the season, it’d be foolhardy to continue to beat the drum that we’re great but not great enough, especially when everyone else has been stumbling both ahead of us and behind us. This team’s defense is fierce and when our shooters are on, we’re tough to beat. One of our weak links (Francis) has become a solid contributor and aside from Dunn being a ghost for 90% of the time, all the players that consistently play contributes.

That said, I just don’t see it, I think we have too many flaws and inconsistencies. If I fill out a bracket and bet on it, I can’t put us as the national champ, no matter how much I want it to happen because we have too many flaws, such as scoring droughts/not enough offense.

But we’ll get favorable draws in the Tournament for the most part because of our seed and may even be favored to win it all.

Do I think it will happen? Definitely not. But can we win it all realistically? Of course we can, unless we basically, if not totally, lose out until the Tournament (unrealistic but possible) to get to the Final Four. Even then, we’d still be no lower than a 4-seed, so we’d just have to pull an upset or two.

[This post has been edited. The last sentence was originally the last sentence to the second to last paragraph, which caused some confusion since I meant to put it at the very end of the post in the last paragraph. It has since been changed to that for that exact reason.]

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The defense will be elite every game. So we will be “in” every game.

The front court is pretty consistently good. You know what you are getting from those guys.

So then it comes down to Shead, Cryer, and Sharpe on the offensive end.

If all three are hot, we will beat anyone badly.

If two of them are hot, we will win 98% of the time against anyone.

If one is hot, we will beat most teams and will lose to an elite team that is shooting the ball well.

If none of them are hot, we are still a second weekend team but will lose in the second weekend.

I like our chances to get to the final four. Natty? Who the hell knows, they have a good chance but it is far from certain. But that is every team.


All the data available on ESPN has shown we have been title contenders all year. We’ve had the highest chance of winning the championship the entire year (per ESPN stats), our BPI has been the highest the entire season (or at least the majority of it), early on our Net Rankings were #1 and have stayed there. We won our first 14 games in a row. When conference play started, we were projected to go 15-3 (although now they are projecting we most likely go 14-4).

You can argue our team has flaws, but all the data has pointed to us being contenders all year.

edit: also, we probably need both a win at Baylor and for UConn to lose to Villanova for us to be ranked #1 next week.


just beat Baylor.


There are about 10-15 teams that COULD win it all this year…

We’re one of them…

Apparently, Creighton is, too… :grin:


Agree with fiveten on being rated #1 next week. Media in love with UCONN. Will take more than loss to Creighton and may take more than loss to Creighton and a UH win at Baylor.

Disagree. There’s no indication that winning is realistically possible


If we beat Baylor AT Baylor, it doesn’t matter what UCONN does later this week. UH would be #1. We would have beaten #6 and #11 in one week and UCONN would have gotten blasted by 20. If it had been close they wouldn’t’ drop. It wasn’t.
Beating Baylor in Waco is, of course, easier talked about than actually done.


No UCONN got beat handily if we beat Baylor we should be #1

We could be #1 and it won’t improve our slot in the tournament. As long as we’re 1-4 we will be 1 seed in South Regional. That’s where we want to be.


Yep, that is all that really counts…then beat Cincy and UCF and OU and then cap it off with a sweet win over KU…


Don’t want to look ahead but the game at OU is going to be tough.

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They are going to be tough, but we are built around tough. If we lose one game with this schedule it will not be anything to be ashamed of…

I don’t know about the rest of you but I will sleep better tonight knowing that Tyler Perry kinda thinks we have a shot….but then again really doesn’t.



Were you drunk when you posted this?

It’s a complete contradiction all in one post.

I nominate it for worst post of the year so far….but it’s early.


I’m trying very hard not to be the first to debunk a post :laughing:, that is weaving all over the place, but that there was something.

Edit: Alex - what goes on at 1:00 a.m. @ TP home for 200.00 pls … ahhh nvm. :grimacing:


Beat Baylor


And people always point out our flaws (which sure we have some) while just completely glossing over the fact that every other team has them too, and in 99% of cases much bigger flaws than UH has.


It’s pretty simple Hill. The Coogs have one of the top teams in CBB, people try to complicate it, but its not that complex.

All the teams have flaws, including all of us who post on here. W that I better stop. :smiley:



Just stay healthy the rest of the way