Okie Lite

got downed by Tulsa last night, 74-71 in Tulsa. Pokes have beaten future UH opponents Memphis and LSU on their way to a 4-4 overall record. Wins over Tiger twins were both at a tournament at Orlando. They’re a very young team. This Saturday’s game should be an interesting measuring stick as how we’re developing. They’re another opponent that has a lot more height than the Coogs.

Beat them, UH will be rank into the top 20 on Monday. UH would move into 8-0, something not seen since the 60’s. Another win to tell us this team is really good and are one of the best teams in the country. The LSU game taking place on Wednesday, will have lots of hype and will sell out, no doubt.


Big game tomorrow. Beat OK State and LSU we may end OOC undefeated. Long way to go tho #1-0