Oklahoma State home and home




yes sir!

This is huge. Next year will have OU, OSU, and WSU. I foresee playoff chaos we if run the table with that OOC!


Erm, this is for basketball.



I laugh at myself!!! Still, good for hoops!

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This should definitely help our ooc rpi! OSU should solid tourney team next year!

Very nice. Sampson’s know Oklahoma well and they go there to recruit from time to time. Solid add to the schedule with no longer having Arkansas on the schedule.

We’ve played Okie State 19 times, and gone 7-12 against them. Of course, the last time we played them was 1964 so I’m not sure that the record really applies anymore.


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What happen to playing Razorbacks in Arkansas 2018/2019 season. Didn’t know it was cancelled

They came to TSU this year instead, and we whipped them.

We played there the prior year and lost. Contract was only for a 1 and 1.

Oh yea, forgot they played there prev yr. Coogs played well 1st half n then got beat pretty good 2nd half from what i remember. Thks guys.

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