OL Lance Robinson Gone | Xfer Portal

Another one bites the dust…

“Lance Robinson, who made 11 starts at right tackle last season, announced Thursday that he has entered the transfer portal with three years remaining. This will be the third stop for Robinson, who transferred from Middle Tennessee last spring.”


No worries. We are good

A starter in 11 games at UH last year?

And we’re good? Not ready(?) for Tulsa “good”, but B12 good?

and deep too?

Yes, we are B12 good.

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Like B12 Vitamins ?

*Right Tackle…

My bad, copy & pasted from an article or Twitter, can’t remember.

Our online last year was terrible. We need new blood.


You could tell me right now the other B12 schools are offering NIL money for OLs to leave or not commit to specifically our program and I’d believe you. It’s currenty that bad.




Our OL pass protection was fair, but run blocking was atrocious. Upgrades have been made already and I suspect a couple more are on their way soon.


We got a better offensive lineman today.



From FIU
2021: Started all 12 games as one of the anchors of the offensive line… was the Panthers’ primary right tackle.

Thanks to Ian for lending him the ballcap


In this era of NIL you are going to be seeing lots of players change schools. It is like the NFL, schools will choose to pay certain players.

With no threat of a running back all season long, our oline did a pretty dang good job last year. Last year We had the least talented backfield in the last 10-15 years. No one was worried about our running game. With that said, we still were a successful passing team. Every defense knew to attack the passing game because we had a disabled backfield.

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I see what you did there.

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Tramon Mark left and within 2 weeks we picked up Dunn and Cryer. Problem essentially solved. Because Coach Sampson and his staff are awesome.

Now in football we have an OL problem. The portal is open, there is time to respond. Will CDH and staff do so? Or will we just get fillers, have the worst OL in the B12, and listen to CDH whine about it all season?


If we have the worst OLine in the B12 it’ll be a very long season


I wish him well. My biggest fear was going into the Big 12 with the same OL as last year.

Fear eliminated.