Old and New Rivalries

Adding the UH to the Big 12 is setting up some huge rivalries . My favorite ones are UH vs Baylor , Tech and of course those Cougs ! What do you all think ?

Go Coogs !
Beat Tech !

Did you just find a way to open new thread. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::grimacing::exploding_head:

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Blue vs Red Coogs.

We go back to Yeoman vs Edwards.

Always a respectful, hard-fought contest.


OSU is a top program. We have competed with them for recruits and often lost out because they were P5. No more. That history may set them up for a fierce rivalry. Of course those SWC teams who went along with freezing us out of the Big 12 years ago will have a special place on our vengeance list.



We were briefly in a conference with Oklahoma A&M (now OSU) I look forward to being with them in a conference the most. I need to buy a scarlet Eskimo Joe’s shirt

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All I care about is getting to a point where we’re beating these teams on the regular.


West Virginia. They hate Dana Holgerson almost as much as we do. :thinking: :crazy_face: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


We should make it a big Red vs Blue rivalry…ha

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West Virginia. They hate Dana Holgerson almost as much as some of our fans do.

FIFY, a whole lot of us Coogs don’t hate Dana, so don’t use a blanket “we.” You haters have worn thin a long time ago.


I wouldn’t say I hate the guy, Holgorsen IMHO is the best offensive coordinator trying to be a head coach in all of College football, his worst flaw while at WVU was that he was a GAWD AWFUL recruiter. When Houston popped in and offered him, most WVU fans were wondering how many more seasons we would have to wait to draw down his buyout so we could move on. Sincerely I thank God that Houston relieved us of that buyout and put us in a position to hire Neal Brown. I hope Dana is recruiting better now for you guys. At WVU he was head coach for the first time, maybe now he has gotten better at recruiting and I think being in Texas might be more “natural” for him.

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Lol wait til about 6:30 pm tonight… you may change your mind j/k

Repeat, rinse, repeat, rinse.


Pretty funny. Unite with WVU fans over a mutual enemy.