Old Coogies - Magazine links

For this Friday, your Coogstorian has been making a special post for you (Old + Coogs + Fogies):

Files are perfect for reading on your iPad or Laptop.

Eat 'em Up!


Thanks for sharing. :+1:

Going through the 1989 Lindy’s now……even the old ads are cool.

Little did we know Ware and the Coogs were on the brink of putting up insane numbers.


Didn’t realize “football foxes” was a feature back then.

Does anyone have the Sport Magazine in which Coogs are preseason #1?

I remember reading that issue of Don Heinrich when I was in high school.

It’s a shame that that publication is no longer around.

Thank you, Eric!

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What year?

I thought we were #2 and Miami was #1? Is that incorrect?

I belive it was preseason in 1991 Sport Magazine. Miami ended that dream quickly and definitively.

I wreaked my car pretty good after watching the game at a party.

@WheelerBoy - Got you, Fam - just posted it on the thread.

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