Old UH Rival -Never liked Hoyas

Kind of funny. From an old rival. As a Coog, never liked the Hoyas.

Ewing has always been full of himself, imo. Maybe he should get a mask of his face from 25 years ago and wear his jersey.

Never had a lot of respect for Georgetown. Thompson recruited players and was very successful, but from what I remember, very few ever graduated.

I always felt Michael Graham was the poster child for how Thompson recruited, went to world class university to major in basketball… We lost in 84 because we couldn’t contain him. Graham left Georgetown with a Blutarski like 0.0 GPA. He was there two semesters, 0.00, probation, NCAA title, 0.00 GPA out of Georgetown. Drafted, but never played in the NBA.

I can’t even imagine CKS letting this kind of thing go on here.

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Michael Graham was absolutely the difference-maker in the national championship game, a game in which he never should have played because he was never a real college student. By comparison, Ewing (who famously couldn’t read) seemed like a Rhodes Scholar. In reality, Graham was just a local DC player that Thompson plugged into his Hoyas lineup and rode to the national championship.

Georgetown used to have a priest who sat at the end of their bench every game. That certainly was a good idea considering all of the things they did which needed some forgiveness.

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