Ole Miss is losing a great coach in my opinion

Hugh Freeze resigns from Ole Miss after ‘misdial’ call to escort service on school-issued phone.

I’ve already read one article on “Fansided” that created an early list of head coach replacements at Ole Miss, and one of the names was … Major Applewhite, of course


Of course. Isn’t Memphis closer though? :imp:

MIsdial?? In the press conference, the AD said they pulled all his phone records and discovered more calls. He wouldn’t have walked away from $4 mil for a misdial. Plus he was already on the hot seat for all the recruiting allegations.

That was quite a list. Can’t imagine they’d bring in Briles with this and the NCAA investigations still ongoing. Not sure Chip Kelly would walk into that mess either and I don’t see them going after Applewhite yet; Chad Morris may be someone they go after though from the AAC. They did list Les Miles who may be a perfect fit there.

I’m confused. How is Houston Nutts attorney involved in this?

Houston Nutt is suing freeze and Ole Miss for slander and defamation.

Keep in mind Ole Miss self-imposed a one your bowl ban along with scholarship reductions already before this came out. The key point is I believe the NCAA will allow current players to transfer without sitting out a year if there is a two-year or greater bowl ban in place. It will be interesting to see what kind of penalties the NCAA passes down on them.

A coach hiring escorts for himself wouldn’t be an infraction or any business of the NCAA.
If he was hiring them for players or recruits would be an entirely different matter.

That’s right. Let the player play. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

He may have just used the Rick Petino recruiting guide.

Not so much about the hiring of escorts, more about lying about it while also professing to be a strong Christian family man. Also was using an Ole Miss issued cell phone to do it which is a no-no in any government job.


Better list and no mention of Applewhite.

Good article on the subject:

I was replying to someone’s comment on NCAA violations. The school has a right to fire him.

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This is it. Honestly, I can’t think of many jobs even outside of government that wouldn’t fire someone for using a company phone to call an escort.