Ole Miss Offense

Man I am watching this game tonight and wishing the Coogs could run this type of offense. Do like the RPOs and it really can confuse defenses. May CDH can call CLK for a few pointers since CLK is laid up with COVID. Does anyone know the type of offense we run? Looks pretty much pro style to me.


The Ole Miss OC is an Art Briles disciple.

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We should give Jeff Lebby a look after this season.

Louisville in kind of the same boat we are up and down success in football over the years…gotta believe their coach is on the hot seat as well.

IIRC, Ole Miss OC Jeff Lebby is Art Briles son-in-law.

Ok Lebbe take a look.

I don’t care if he is married to CAB’s daughter.

Jeff Lebby - Football Coach - Ole Miss Athletics