Ole Miss QB injured in meaningless Bowl Game ….. what say you Kirk and Desmond?

Another one bites the dust!

Matt Corrall probably cost himself millions of dollars by getting hurt in a meaningless bowl game.

Similarly, Iowa Center Tyler Linderbaum, probably best offensive lineman in college football, appeared to suffer a foot injury in the last series of the game. He seemed okay, but who knows?

I am sure that Kirk and Desmond will be more than willing to fork over their share of the money they make from “analyzing” these games on ESPN to make these players whole. Just like Dabo Sweeney said he would retire from college football if players ever got paid.

I will be waiting with baited breath.


Damn, havent seen him making it past WFT at #9 in any mock. Hard to see it not serious when you cant walk.

Wow. That rare OC getting drafted in the middle of the 1st.(or better) Hopefully just a bump in the road.

Linderbaum-Tankathon #16
Matt Corral #9

Linderbaum-Most recent CBS 3 mocks #11-16.
Matt Corral #9 in all 3 mocks.
Logan Hall in the 1st in 2 or 3 mocks.

Players need to make the decision based on what is right for them, not what fans or commentators think is “right” and “fair to the team”. If Marcus and Logan had played and heaven forbid gotten hurt, how would us Coog fans feel? I know as parents with a player who has pro dreams, what happened to Corral would devastate us. He worked hard and still wanted to be there for his teammates. I am praying his injury is not serious. Herbstreit needs to be quiet.


Well said.
Awful Ann. puts them on blast


Corral will still be picked in first round…. Who knows if he drops because of injury…. And how much money it would be from say #9 to #16….

I think the fact that this is a thin qb draft helps him.

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Over 7100 players dressed out for Bowl Games and 2 got hurt?

Seems the odds favor honoring your free College education, and your teammates, by playing.

Tune is eligible to enter the NFL draft and he played. Why are our 2 opt outs superior to Tune? Why do we give them a pass?

I watched lots of Baylor players, especially on defense, play last night and win The Sugar Bowl while endangering their draft prospects. Their Heisman QB played in a Bowl years ago. This year’s Heisman winner just played.

This is ego-centric, sad behavior to quit on your team. A growing trend that cheats the fans, the ones who pay for programs that give players an NFL chance. The players do not create the opportunity, the fans and Alums do.

Perhaps a Nationally expanded Playoff system will make Bowls more meaningful and stop the Opt-Outs.


How many of those 7100 have multi millions and their families future on the line? Most can help themselves by playing in the bowl vs good competition.

Of course more than 2 got hurt. These are just the sure fire, instant millionaire early 1st rounders so it brings up the debate.

That needs to be explained to you?


Ridiculous. Every game is a showcase. And every game has risks. You can elevate your draft stock by millions in a bowl game. By that logic he should sit out games against bottom dwellers and only play when the risks align with his goals.


Yes, explain it to me.

Start by calculating the total cash receipts of the 7100 who will play in the NFL.

It ain’t 2 guys.

Start with Baylor. They all played. How many $dollars did their entire team put in danger last night?

I’ll wait.


Exactly! It’s mainly old dudes with outdated mindsets that shame players for opting out and doing what’s best for them. Marcus Jones was walking around in a sling, prob shouldn’t have been playing regardless.


That guy chose to play. Unless he checked his Rebels message board to see what OldGuyRebel was telling him to do the day before the game.

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Because as of right now Tune isn’t on a draft mock up anywhere in the universe.

If a college accounting major with an A in his class has a big time job lined up based on that A average. And that college kid can either take the exam or opt out of it. And that exam can either keep his grade an A and he keeps this great job offer, or it can hurt his overall grade and bring it to a B+ and that would reduce his career offer by say, 10% of his first year’s earnings. Would anyone care about him opting out?


Funny as Hell that people on this message board think he didn’t have that choice. Maybe he has aspirations of being excellent. And maybe that means going hard every game.

PS - most have insurance policies.


There are @ 1700 guys on and off rosters in the NFL.

How many sure fire 1st rounders?

I was blasting people for endless arguing on here.
Agree to disagree and moving on.

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Of course it was his decision to play. It was a big bowl. Had it been a lesser bowl, maybe he would have opted out. No one forced him to play, he wanted to be with his team. Unfortunately, it may have cost him. My point is, whatever choice they make it’s not anyone’s right to judge, right or wrong.


What do you consider Old! :upside_down_face::wink:

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Anyone with an IQ above 12

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If every coach and teammate supports a player sitting out a bowl game, is it still quitting on the team? Sounds like you are looking at it more that they are quitting on the fans.


If bowl sponsors start offering NIL money to draft-likely players (incl ins policies) then players will stop opting out and the bowls will no longer be “meaningless.”
If bowl sponsors don’t do this, the value of their sponsorships will go down as the games continue to be “meaningless.”
BTW: I don’t believe any game is actually “meaningless.”

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Are you gonna pay them 6, 7 or even 8 figures if they get hurt? Or are you just another old man with a pat on the back to give?

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