Oliver Luck discussed as candidate for PAC-12 Commissioner

I think that would be good for us.
He has relationships with all of the current leadership at UH and is very familiar with UH.
If Pac-12 should expand under his watch, I would imagine we would be on his short list.
I think he might even have been a candidate for our AD spot at one point in time. ??

I was recalling that it was Luck who was most instrumental in getting
WVa into B12 over UH. He was AD for WVa, so it makes perfect sense that he would work that transaction in their interest. He must be very persuasive to have gotten the B12 to accept that geographical leap!! I was unaware he had strong ties to UH administration, although I suppose that has changed with our current administration. Interesting times.

Regardless of whether or not it benefits UH, Luck is a great candidate for any conference commissioner role.

He knows his stuff.


He might not wanna mess with the big12 bringing teams there unless it’s just tech , us and 2 others from New Mexico etc bc WVir can’t go to the pac and he wouldn’t want to harm his team. It may be the perfect situation for us.

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If he becomes commissioner of the PAC12, he will do what he thinks is in their best interest – period. If he considers UH as a candidate for inclusion it will be because he thinks it is in the best interest of the PAC12, regardless of what it will do for us.


Its his duty as PAC 12 comissioner to act in the best interest of that conference. If that is at the expense of the XII so be it.

New Mexico is never going to be in the PAC 12 either.

Exactly. San Diego State will never in the PAC. This is a major recruiting ground for all PAC12 teams just like the Houston area is for the small12 and sec. We would be a major “bridge” for the PAC. I have always asked the following question. Will uta and atm allow it? I am not all convinced of this. This is especially true if espn/uta channel becomes the new PAC tv partner.

What exactly do you mean by “allow it”? What could they do to stop it?

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Chris, the only way aggie or whorn could stop us from joining PAC is to induce us to sign with THEIR league by sweetening the situation for us…an unlikely scenario, i think.

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Aldine , if the pac did invite us then the big12 counters, do you think our admin would make the right choice and go with the pac for stability? We have to know by now, the big 12 with UT isn’t as stable and UT could bolt later screwing us and the rest.

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If we were offered by the pac, the ink would still be wet by the time it got public. Too late for anyone else to counter.

Then again, TCU did bail out of the big East for that reason.

So, never mind. Too lazy to delete.

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I think its a little different scenario, but ya Texas, etc. were heading to the PAC 12 until they weren’t.

That said contrary to some of our fans belief, there isn’t a bidding war over UH. If we get offered by a conference it likely means they missed out on someone else they were targeting, we are joining in conjunction with someone they want more or are meeting the #'s game.

The ACC and the Pac 12 need to try to keep pace with the SEC and Big 10. The only two schools that will help them do that is Texas and Oklahoma.

The longhorn network contract runs to 2031. I honestly don’t see anything happening until Texas decides to do something. I don’t think they will do anything until 2031.

I see an expansion of the CFP to 8.

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A PAC bid has been literally years in the making. I do not think we would EVER go to the Big 12 over the PAC, considering all Big 12 problems and instability. PAC is a mutual kind of thing… we need them, they need us…and a future partnership will be very beneficial for both. I believe it will happen and so does our AD…


You couldnt BE MORE wrong…When aggie and whorn bailed on the deal before, OU tried to get in on their own and were told to FORGET it. PAC’s intention was penetration into the Texas market because THAT is what their marketing people have told them…same holds true today…Quit acting like the whorns are a target because they ARENT…The PAC is too far away and simply doesnt generate the revenue to interest a school like whorn…Texas would do nothing but whine about lack of revenue and annoyance of west coast travel…If Texas goes somewhere, it will go B1G, or SEC They did everything but SPIT on the PAC in that last deal…Larry Scott became anti expansion after that, because of how aggie and Texas treated the PAC and him in particular.
And now PAC has removed him, because the presidents want to get something going expansion wise, when their GOR expires…


I will believe it when I see it. Until then I am happy in the AAC.


You are speculating and I am too when I write that “if uta and atm allow it” My “inclination” comes from the ties that uta and atm have with espn through their own or league tv contracts.
In many ways I see our possible P5 expansion as “infringing” in uta and atm self belief greater Houston area tv market. I would love to be proven wrong.

I would have all of the Big 12 schools come and present to us, then tell them no.


UT and A$M can’t stop us moving just by complaining. Espn and the pac will decide what’s best and they will schedule games to utilize the Houston market as they do elsewhere
by scheduling games at different times to make the most of the market. AAC at 11am, big 12 at 2:30 etc… They then make the most of the market plus thurs or tues games. A$M doesn’t care bc they are set in the Sec and UT burned the pac once or twice so if the pac and Espn want to utilize the Houston market to it’s fullest potential, we’re it. When the big 12 says they own our market , they are wrong from the standpoint of other p5s here at diff time slots or even us at a diff time slot in the big 12. The big 12 is bs on owning the market bc of fear.ESPN already does various time slots for each league to max each market which is why we have 11am games then sec at 2:30 here both in Houston.

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Good for us?

His job has nothing to do with us.