Oliver on the safety

Our front 7 is one of the best there is. So not taking away from anyone.

However, Oliver single handedly blew up THREE O-lineman to help cause the safety. He pushed back 3 O-lineman by himself. It’s incredible, I’ve never seen anything like this from an 18 yo.


He’s a man among boys at this point…and he’s the 18 year old true freshman. :astonished:

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I believe it was on Steven Taylor’s first sack when he ran straight up the middle, Oliver absorbed a double team that allowed Taylor to shoot the gap untouched. Ed Oliver is going to cause Taylor, Adams and Bowser to get a boatload of sacks this year. And there’s really nothing opposing O-lines can do about it. He is just that good. Still can’t believe he decided to come here. Had an Aggie friend text me last night during the game telling me how jealous he was that Oliver chose us. How sweet it is!


If he’d gone somewhere else, he’d be getting less pres .

You are right, EO has made himself a lot of future money committing to the htown takeover because of the press he has already received

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Yea after the sack Taylor pointed at big Ed and you could see the smile on Oliver’s face. I imagine Taylor had one too.

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