Olympic legend Carl Lewis forms partnership with AAU

“The number one thing is information,” Lewis said. “I have a youth club, the CL Stars, and I try to share information with them. My mother was a physical education teacher, and we were raised with physical education as an important component of school. Now, they’ve cut PE programs across the country, and it’s an elective in most places. Knowledge is lacking, and an unintended consequence is that you no longer have P.E. teachers who are coaches. You might have a math teacher coaching. … so there’s a lot of misinformation going to kids.

“A lot of sports are now pay to play, you have kids turning pro at 13,” Lewis continued. “I want to help AAU kids stay kids. I tell them all the time, ‘You’re going to be old a heck of a lot younger than you’re going to be young.’ So now, that math teacher who is coaching has a place to learn, or maybe it’s a parent who doesn’t have time to be a coach, but they want to know that their child is getting the right information. Our company provides a way to bring the entire AAU community to one spot, giving all the information they need to share.”