OMG. A KRULL remake coming?


I guess even FLOPS can get a second chance!

Magical throwing stars!!!


That throwing star was cool, i loved that movie in jr high. It has not aged well. I hope the remake is better.

What if the remake is awesome? I can’t imagine.

What is a great movie that is a remake of a bad movie?

I don’t know if this qualifies, but the 3:10 to Yuma remake with Christian Bale was better than the original, to me.

Not sure the original would constitute a “flop” though.

Not sure it counts since they’re both based on a book, but Dune.


The original Dune was a true STINKBOMB…BUT…the Sci-Fi channel actually did a very good mini-series version several years back…and now there’s a FIRST RATE two-movie series of course with Zendaya and Timothy Chalamee!

The novel is one of my all-time favorites, so it is good that Hollywood made up for the stinkbomb with two other excellent versions.

I’ve heard that an HBO sequel miniseries may be in the works as well.

The original 3:10 to Yuma is widely considered a quality western.

The original Dune seems to have wildly varying opinions. I liked the new movie, and like the Lynch one more than the mini series.

The Lynch one defiantly has it’s share of haters though.

Count me as one of them. Hell, even Lynch himself disowned it.

I remember renting it on VHS and watching it when I was a kid. It TOTALLY bored me to death…and bore little resemblance to the novel.

Hell, the “Weirding Way,” which in the novel is clearly a fighting style/martial art, became a hokey sonic voice weapon. Really dumb.

The mini-series and new movie are MUCH better.


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The original Dune movie is awful. The new one is visually beautiful but Dennis Villneuves films are joyless. Duncan Idahos character is the only one to seem to have fun.

I woukd gladly watch a remake of Krull.

I found this trailer from the original Krull.

Can it get much more B- than this?

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Man they are definitely running out of ideas in Hollywood. I guess we can expect more of this once AI takes over completely, because only an artificial life form would find Krull entertaining.

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