OMG! A Robot Waiter at UH Hilton College


Nice! I actually like this…wonder if it’ll expect a tip or if businesses will add Repair & Maintenance costs to the food prices.

It’s funny bc my industry (Logistics/Supply Chain) is trying hard to automate tasks, particularly repetitive ones, so this is encouraging.

Need to work on the aesthetics!


It will probably be cheaper than paying wages, benefits and taxes and government paperwork.

Their never late or need a day off or take a vacation. Oh and no 3 months maternity leave.

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Fr tho…I’d love to see a Retro/Futuristic design, but perhaps they had to be pragmatic since its main purpose is to be functional. Also I’m guessing this is a prototype.

Look, that robot was waiting hand and foot on Paulie back when Rocky was busy ending the Cold War in 1985. Don’t tell me they haven’t had time to prototype and gain function!

I’ve seen Terminator AND Black Mirror. I know where we’re heading!

(And if you haven’t seen Black Mirror on Netflix, it’s worth a watch. None of them are as messed up as the very first episode)

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They have a similar robot at Kura Sushi.


That’s the one I was thinking about. It made me feel like i was in a different place when it brought my water.

Been to Thailand already have and been using them as wages go will make more sense to owners to use them.

Sure they can over work the one guy loading the robot instead of hiring a full staff!

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