On3: FSU accuses ACC of deception, makes clear plan to leave conference

FSU accuses ACC of deception, makes clear plan to leave league (on3.com)

I have yet to hear one flippin word on how FSU or Clemmie intend to deal with that GOR…They signed the contract…Crying about it wont change anything and to leave they are going to have to pay a huge amount or come to some “arrangement” with ACC…nobody put a gun to their head and said sign the contract…high comedy in ACC…


I heard one talking head on youtube today say that based on their latest pleading, the GOR might not be as airtight as some have said in the past.

Don’t know what to believe though.

Another day…another week…another month passes and not a SINGLE ACC school has LEFT.

This is turning into a PAC media deal level of illusionary…we are “this close” to a revolutionary media deal…nope on the PAC’s garbage claim and nope on FSU’s now TWO YEARS worth of crying wolf

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Biggest difference is that all the PAC12 schools did in fact want to try and save it. The media deal was just out of reach.

Or they said they did but the reality was that Washington and Oregon already knew they were headed to the B1G so they avoided agreeing to a deal.

Same when USC blocked adding 4 Big 12 Schools bevause they knew USC & UCLA had a B1G invitation, in hand

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Oregon and Washington didn’t get full shares

USC and UCLA did get full shares immediately

Oregon and Washington might’ve stayed if they got 50 million in the PAC like they wanted, but Kliovkoff was a dummy