One good thing about playing Arizona

Everyone not from Arizona will be rooting for Houston. Man, they are getting shellacked for their behavior coast to coast.

Now Yahoo! USAToday, DailyCaller are covering it.


Hopefully San Antonio will echo oh houston ! Houston ! Houston !
And coogs house Cheers not uofa
That Portland game was basically a home game for zona.
SA should be like that for the coogs
I hope we turn out enforce!

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Portland is really far from Arizona. I’m willing to bet farther than San Antonio. They travel, its going to be packed with fans on both sides

Tucson to Portland is 1,383 miles. Tucson to SA is 868 miles

I would bet that a lot of AZ fans bought tickets in advance expecting them to make it to SA.

Arizona has a lot of Texan alums. I know several in Houston personally including two I went to UH grad school with.

And I expect Michigan to be well represented too. They have a national T-shirt fan base.

Zona has always had lots of BBall fans in attendance any time they have played at Hofheinz.

Obviously they have a lot of grads in the local area.

That said…let’s BUTT STOMP 'em!!!


Not sure if San Antonio will show up for Houston… I’m thinking they will not.


Arizona players are NOT the classiest you will find.

Arizona basketball players slammed for postgame antics after NCAA Tournament win over TCU

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Let’s make sure that Arizona knows that our hand sign is the original one. ASU stole it from us. Throw them paws up high guys.


Are yall talking about Arizona’s 2nd round game?

It was played in San Diego, not Portland.

It was a solid turnout. But it was a late weekend game vs TCU.

Hoping a Thursday game will impact their turnout


Yea. San Diego is not that much of a road trip when your fans are coming from all over AZ, not just Tucson.

In regards to fans, I think most everyone not from Zona will be rooting against them. They are the easiest team to root against in the tourney. SA isn’t a Houston type of city but it doesn’t seem the kind of town that likes trashy behavior.

If we were playing in Vegas or LA it would be 90% for zona.

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Ohh i was wondering why people were saying it was like a home game

San Diego is an easy one day drive from Tucson or Phoenix. Interstate all the way. Lots of Wildcats fans made the trip.

They will have fewer fans in San Antonio. We should have more.

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Pretty sure their first two round games were played in San Diego.

Edit: oops, looks like y’all beat me to it.

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map_of_grads_oct2018v2 (1).pdf (82.0 KB)

A whole bunch of Arizona alumni live in California, and of course Arizona. Not so much Texas.

I think we’ll represent just fine.


This right here, living in Ohio I learned that Michigan fans are called “Walmart Wolverines” since most of them just pick up a shirt and call themselves fans. lol


Obviously further drive. But still very easy drive to S.A. - I-10 all the way in.

I expect thousands of UH fans there… I don’t care how many Cats fans are there… We’ll be louder.

Go Coogs!


Coog09 where are you in Ohio. I am in Athens and have not met many who even know what UH stands for.