One Hit Wonders: The Other Klingler

Man, Jimmy was so good…Helton just wasted him in that boring offense of his.

*Klingler continued to put up significant numbers despite Houston’s struggles. He threw for 412 in a loss to Texas Tech, 385 in a loss to SMU. Klingler threw for 488 yards in an eight-point loss to fourth-ranked Texas A&M. Then, in the season finale against Rice, Klingler went off, throwing for 613 yards and seven touchdowns on an icy hot necessitating 71 attempts. The Coogs won 61-34. *

By the time the smoke cleared on the 1992 season, Klingler had led the NCAA in yards, completions, attempts, touchdowns, total yards, and touchdowns responsible for. He led the league in all those categories plus passing efficiency, yards per play and, well, interceptions. For all those superior numbers the SWC saw fit to name him Second Team All-Conference.