One more year please!

Sasser, and White to 5 on 5.


Good luck to Marcus and Fabian


Good luck to both Marcus and Fabian. Go Coogs!


And to Briston Gresham, as well. He also received an invite.



Sadly, Marcus is probably good enough to make a G League squad.

If he does good for him! Nothing sad about it


He said he would return to School if it was only a GLeague oppty.


Why in the world would he even go to the GLeague. He is not an NBA player.

But if Sasser goes so what, next man up.

I really think they want to see him on that leg for 2 or 3 months before they start spending resources. Sasser has serious skills when he’s healthy. He’s dynamic on D punching through screens and his offense is rugged. He’s also extremely quick on the transition. Very intuitive player in knowing where the ball is going and getting there ahead if time. And last, I think he’s one of the physically strongest guards in the country. Defenders have trouble because when he bumps them off they go flying. Damn glad he’s on our side and not theirs.


Marc is so good. I would love nothing more that to see him wearing Cougar Red this season trying to win the Naismith/Natty, but I will cheer my guy on no matter what jersey he is wearing. #pro


That’s good. Didn’t he also say in an interview that he’d be back unless a team guaranteed they’d pick him in the first round? Maybe that’s my imagination.

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Reading btw the lines that’s kinda what he said. But he didn’t say it that way to not sound too bravado i guess. He will be Back-- BOOK IT!!


Don’t know anything but get the feeling he turns pro. Just the way it is these days. He will get drafted.

Of course I wasn’t quoting him. I think it would be unreasonable to expect to go in round 1 when his last season was spent mostly rehabing an injury.

But that’s just me and I’m a simple man.

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I agree with you. I thk he’s going through the process for exposure , etc. But as most on here believe, I fully expect him to come back n play another season at UH.

Oh snap…

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