One of the best quote I've ever heard from a coach - CTO

“I hope the kids understand how much we are going to work for them… This two year journey has been incredible … Regardless of what happens through this whole thing, it’s our obligation to put the pedal down and give absolutely everything that we have for these kids AND for this brand (grabbing UH logo on his shirt and pointing to logo) . You do this for a living? You make sure you make this better. And that is really important to me.”


I thought he was really good in the press conference. Definitely earned some points in the Who-should-be-our-next-head-coach tally.


Best quote was, “I’m not going to put in a gold grill and dance around.”


My favorite part of the quote was about the kids AND the brand. He gets what has been built here.

All and all a great presentation. Most of us have had no first hand experience with Coach Orlando. He definitely handled himself well at the podium.

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That was hilarious! Started off a little hesitant, but really got going with more questions.

I like that he was also clear this was not a press conference to campaign for Head Coach. Someone also put him on the spot about who he would retain if he became coach and he was honest and named a couple right off the get go and then mentioned that he likes seeing all the remaining staff using this final month to put their best foot forward.

Did he say something also about he can only see one recruit a day as interim head coach? I wasn’t quite clear.

Also said something about kids can see through fake locker room talk… not sure of the question or context.

WOW!! Very impressed with coach Orlando…him as HC and Major as asst HC and OC could be very strong for us…

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Good one-

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I love the fact that he and the rest of the STAFF responded swiftly to keep as many commits as possible. You can hear/see the urgency that it is. Clearly you can understand what is going on behind the scenes. th is trying to steal as many as he can. Mr. Orlando is truly working for our best interest.

I’m not sure what the rules are, but I think he said that he now falls under the rules of a head coach so he can only see each player once, not one player per day.

I liked his I’m not going to wear a grill and dance line as a jab at CTH. However, isn’t that the kind of thing that recruits are looking for? Isn’t that really just trying to connect with the players. Again, I loved the line, but as a coach if doing that means you’re going to get the best recruits, put on a grill and dance!

The players are just like anyone else. They want someone they like when that person is being genuine. Orlando is saying that acting like Herman wouldn’t be genuine. It doesn’t mean that Herman wasn’t being genuine when he did that stuff.

Maybe the Ban17OfBrothers can ask for the next coach to get a tattoo if they win a conference championship. That seems like a coach planning to move on in a year would pass on.

The tattoo idea is awesome.

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Pretty sure young men want to be led by a man that will make them better, have fun and give them an opportunity to make $$$ at the next level. Grills and swag are secondary.

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I am so impressed with coach Orlando with the quote he’s said. Nice one coach!

yes, if they wanted to go with in an in-house coordinator to promote to HC…they botched it big time. Everyone knew could see it BUT the powers that be. It’s all water under the bridge now. On to CDH!

In years past the administration would make a mistake and move on or move out and leave the money wasted.

One example is the capital campaign in the 90’s to raise $300 million. Carl Lewis donated money to revamp the track that used to be in Robertson stadium and his money was counted towards the campaign. Within 3-4 years the track was ripped out for Robertson’s renovation. The administration did not have a plan and squandered the money Lewis donated and moved on.

Nowadays fertita actually corrected the applewhite mistake.

Brighter days are definitely here.