One thing I miss from the old Rob

are the displays under the scoreboard which showed consensus All Americans. If they are shown anywhere at TDECU then I’ve missed them. Since I think this is something that should be displayed prominently, I’m going to suggest to Pez that they be displayed on the lip (facia?) of the upper level stands. Does anyone have a better idea?


At the very least. At PNC park, where the Pittsburgh Pirates play, they have bronze statues of all of their Hall of Famers scattered around the outside of the stadium with their story.

Would be cool to do something like that for our All Americans, after they graduate.

I think it is on the signs outside in the plaza near the Yeoman statue.

I agree with the OP but you’re right it is. However I would like to also have in the stadium to pay them honor plus it is a free plug during the game for the University if they happen to reference it.

Also I like to point out our history to people I bring to the game for the first time. For example pointing out the 11 yard line marker for Ware. Again cool and free plug to recruits etc.

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I miss the restrooms where it was like the inside of the toilet was the safest and cleanest area available.

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Yup. Second story bathrooms were knee savers. :wink:

They are listed on the signs outside but these require some effort and interest to go read them. My reference was for something visible inside the stadium. I also think they should have something specifically representing Whitney’s Lombardi win and now Big Ed’s Outland trophy. Very few schools have had players win this many. It’s something UH should crow about.


As with everything. If someone puts up the money, it will be done.

What I miss that most don’t understand, is that the construction of “Robertson Stadium” (really “Public School Stadium”) was the culmination of the great football that was being played and supported in Houston from its inception and successive history. When we talk about the history and legacy of Texas high school football, it was played at West End Park and Buff Stadium with great following before Public School Stadium was built. Houston HS (Sam Houston), Heights, San Jacinto, Davis, Washington, Wheatley, Yates, Lamar and Austin along with Harrisburg/Milby and St. Thomas layed the foundation for our football history and the need to build Public School Stadium/Robertson as a testament to its greatness. Ever hear of Young Bussey? Houston’s first superstar athlete at San Jacinto, Bussey went on to play at LSU and for the 1941 NFL champion Chicago Bears before making the ultimate sacrifice in WW2. He was a charismatic and dynamic individual (had a following even in junior high putting on impromptu passing exhibitions during halftimes of black high school games at Buff Stadium) now forgotten as Public School Stadium is. This is what I miss about the “Rob”. Our connection to football in Houston a century ago.