Online viewing options for tonight?

Is the game available online anywhere tonight?

I don’t have CBSSports in my tv package…

I’m sure there will be streams here if you want to go this route.

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I’m going to sign up for a free trial of PlayStation vue and cancel it before the trail ends.

Reddit streams are usually HD and reliable. Just make sure your pop up blocker and anti virus program are up to date.

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Try YouTubeTV trial. Been very happy with it. Was a Vue customer first but YTTV has been great. You can select your fav teams and it automatically records when they play [live games and not replays]

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Channel 706 on Comcast/Xfinity.
Go Coogs!

I’m doing a Hulu Live TV trial for the ECU game and I’ll do a You Tube TV trial for the Navy game.

Are there any more CBSSN games this year?

I’m doing Hulu today as well. I’m replacing Sling… better options on Hulu. Navy game will be CBSSN

I’ve used Hulu live just for football season and been very pleased. Their navigation menu is a little odd in my opinion but quality is very good.

Thanks! Streaming the top posted link to my iPad and casting on my Tv!

That’s the reason I don’t share my source unless people have no other options. Don’t want to be responsible for anyone losing a computer and everything on it.


I used to stream movies on some sketchy sights so I’m familar with the risks and to do/not do’s. Been a while thought so I appreciate being pointed in the right direction.

That’s kind of you. I deal with cybersec and those sites are pretty sketchy. I know I go at my own risk but I do it on a “throw-down” computer, heh.