Only 3 of Chronicle'sTop 100 commit to UH

That is all, so far. Just three. Some are undecided or could flip, but at least half are going to Big 12 schools. We are having a hard time getting the attention of our local players, no matter the smoke being blown. Mutin is #58 on the list, and he’s our highest ranked recruit. Glad to have him, of course, but how do we not grab more players from our own area? Over half of #1-20 are going to aTm or Texas.

We have been totally oversold on CMA’s ability to recruit the area. The only way this changes is to get us into a P5.

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Some of that may be due to UT taking all our coaches about a year ago; those were the guys that were building relationships locally and continue to do so.

CMA’s reputation wasn’t built on recruiting Houston, it was state of Texas high school coaches wanting him. We’ve seen a number of possibly under the radar kids commit from Texas and Louisiana and our top 3 recruits (Amie, Williams, and Walker) and 7 of our top 10 are all from outside of Houston.

However, it would be nice to get back into Houston and build that wall. I agree in that it will probably take getting into a P5 (something Tommy-boy was selling to recruits the last two years) to get more of the top guys to stay home.


Certainly a sad showing.
We have lost recruits over the season.
I track this list every year.
It started with 8 recruits, and has shrunk down.
This is certainly not a good indicator of putting up a fence. There are holes all in it.

Coach Yeoman randomly recruited the city of Houston back in the day, telling me one time that so many of the players locally bring too much baggage with them. I don’t care where the players come from as long as they are good student-athletes who want to be a UH…
Too many folks got wrapped up in that H-Town takeover stuff…well, it was good for the one year, but we move on and let Applewhite do it his way…


Agreed. In the end, it doesn’t matter where they come from, they all become Houston Cougars.

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I wonder how biased that list is. Where do they (Chronicle) get their info from - not because they go to the games - certainly the top few players are well known but after about the top 20 or so it becomes a list of who you get the info from (imo)

OK, but it took only one season for the HTownTakeover to die.

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In retrospect, the “H-Town Takeover” was nothing more than a ruse created by Hermroid to troll UT to “look at me…better hire me quick…or I’ll take away your #1 recruiting area…” and it worked. Mensa man strikes again.

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Well, HC is run by longhorns

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H-Town Takeover was a gimmick, plain and simple.

The gimmick works initially, then like most things in life, diligent hard work and a simple ground game to build relationships is how long term success is achieved.

Keeping players home is important, getting the right players is more important. UH should be Houston, East Texas, South Texas, southern Louisiana heavy. Tons of good to great programs out there and players to be developed into D1 football talent.

The Takeover will morph and be rebranded, the gorund game is all that matters.


You can’t have a season where you lose to two small private schools and expect great recruiting results.


its an AREA list not a state list!!! the Chron is too lazy and imcompetent to make a state list. Our top 5 or 6 commits are not from Houston area…The chron list is nothing but a suck up to aggie and longhorn subscribers…thats how they sell papers…We have one of the top QBs in state along with one of the top RBs…Sorry they arent from Houston area…should we tell our 2 great recruits from Louisiana not to come? Whining reaching epic levels on this board…


As we liked touting during the big 12 expansion farce, Houston is larger than many states.

That means a UH coach has access to more recruits within an hour drive than pretty much any other program in the country with very few exceptions.

We can’t get more than a few top recruits in a city larger than Louisiana ?

Some call it whining others see a problem. This past season should help figure out which side is right.

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If there’s an excuse to be made for this staff, someone on this board will make it.

247 has our class rated at #69, between Wake Forest and Cal. That’s the bottom half.

Oh, and who’s that at #60? Florida Atlantic. Lane Kiffin’s pulling in a better class in a wildly inferior conference with wildly inferior facilities. Of course, winning 10 games and a conference championship will have that kind of effect. And I thought I was told that he was recruiting poison.


Really? It’s all a conspiracy for horns and aggies? Common that’s just sounds really desperate. Is it a crisis? Not really, as you said we’ve made up for it outside the city. But I am concerned that we were never in the running for anyone in the top 20 this year not even a sniff really.

You are right it’s not a major crisis. But to say it’s not a valid concern or criticism and it’s all a made up suck up to the horns and aggies is most likely untrue at best and makes us sound like really pathetic excuse makes.


Why did the Chronicle sway results for us in Feb 2016?

How much of a factor was getting Big Ed?

It takes star power to get Big Ed anyway. Reminds me of getting Alton Ford in hoops. Among other things, he came because of Clyde. Other players in the area, like TJ Ford, wouldn’t jump on board the Ford wagon because he was expected to be a 1 and done.

I see us at #62 in the 247 rankings. That’s behind UCF, USF and Cinci in the AAC and only two spots ahead of SMU.

Honestly staff needs to do a better job keeping local kids, but it is their 1st class

Really? I mean really! Are we really going to get worked up in a lather over arguably the most subjective, inconsequential and meaningless list ever devised by man? Can’t we at least wait till the offseason when there’s nothing to talk about?


Thanks Johnny. Great point!