Onside kick?!?

Why? If you want to challenge your team coach pull the starters. Or at least wait until we’re up by forty in the 4th to do this crazy stuff. Seems silly.

Because, at least for the first half, you play the game by what they give you. If they did an onside kick up 35-0 or 55-10 in the second half, then it would be something to worry about. The kick return formation had only 3 guys on one part of the field. Chances are that we won’t be seeing most of our starters on offense in the 3rd quarter and if we maintain the lead the starters won’t be on defense in the 4th quarter.

Don’t let up ever and take advantage of everything you can. It’s part of our culture.

Pardee on the radio broadcast said it “puts it on film”, meaning every team the rest of the year will know that play is a possibility and will have to prepare for it, meaning the opposing teams.

Not to worry…

Tx State will get a participation trophy…so you should be happy !!!


Isn’t that a bad thing?

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Not as I understand it. It means they waste time in practice that they could use preparing for other things.

How about letting CTH coach the team !!!


We have a solid special teams. We would rather our opponents put 8 men up front then have a couple of extra players cheating back.

By all means let’s find something to complain about instead of enjoying the biggest margin of victory since 1991.


I don’t see a problem at all. It was done in the first half.

Hard to believe that 61 is the largest margin of victory in the last 25 years. Forget about some of the high powered offenses of the last 10 years, UH has played a number of FBS foes that were overmatched. Also, there’s been a number of games when they took their foot off the gas like the '09 Rice . That game would have been 101-0 if Summie hadn’t called the dogs off.

As for doing the onside, they were only up 29-0 in the first half, crazier things have happened than Texas State getting back in the game. If Ward and Postma get hurt and a slew of turnovers happen and they score TD’s, lookout, it’s a game again. It wasn’t necessarily smart or right but not entirely illogical.

That is because Sumlin’s teams rarely played defense except maybe is last year.

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To those complaining about our 17-1 head coach calling an onside kick.


Live practice.

Put it on film is the correct answer