Opening week games of interest

BYU @ 7 Nevada- HUGE game for our perception. byu wins, byu will be ranked by our game …we beat byu we could have top 25 votes before the arena opener
10:00 PM CBSSN

Rider @ UCF- rider is actually an extremely good mid-major if ucf is as good as the media wants to believe they should handle this, if not a loss is really possible
5:30 PM on ESPN3

Alabama A&M @ USF- our 1st opponent vs a conference opponent
6:00 PM

LaSalle @ Temple- temple lost this game last year, important game for the conference
6:30 PM on ESPN3

Tennessee Tech @ Memphis- tech is a good enough mid-major to upset Memphis if they arent at least respectable
7:00 PMon ESPN3

Louisiana Tech @ Wichita State- respectable c-usa vs a fully rebuilding Wichita . not arguably the best player for Wichita has not been cleared by the NCAA yet
7:00 PM on ESPN3

Portland state @ 14 Oregon- Portland is a 20 win mid majort than beat Stanford last year. if oregon doesnt have the turn around we are hoping for they definitely could lose
10:00 PM PAC12 network

note related to us at all but kentucky vs duke should be amazing too


ucf down early

LA tech up 10 at the half against WSU

All the American teams won except for the Shockers.

TSU beat Baylor in Waco 72-69


Duke has 3 NBA pros right now! ScArY


Duke made UK look like a pewee league team. There defense is solid. Zion is not just hype.

Baylor losing to a team coached by Johnny Jones is just lulz…Also it would appear everyone else is playing for 2nd this year. Duke is the truth.

Nah, UH has to avoid them just like the Rockets need to avoid Golden State lol

something of note from the ucf game is they regular used tacko (7’6) and a transfer (6’11) at the same time

same for oregon…bol bol (7’2) and kenny wooten (6’9)

our 5 last game is closer to 6’7 (gresham), and the 4 was 6’5 (alley)

6’7, 6’5 vs 7’6, 6’11
or 6’7, 6’5 vs 7’2, 6’9…that’ll be a fun dynamic

They’ll go smaller or we’ll run them off the court. The game has changed too much for two big men to be playing for a significant time together. Wings ruled these days.


Looking forward to the Ohio State/Cinci game tonight. Really wanna see how Cinci looks after losing Clark, Washington and Evans. That’s quite a trio to replace, but then again Cronin’s got them to the tourney 8 years in a row, so…

Hmmm… So far it looks like a rebuilding year for them. I think Memphis, Uconn, Ucf & Houston are probably better.

detriot is beating temple at half

antoine davis has 19 points at halftime…what could have been

Goesling>>> Davis

20 POINTS, IN 1 HALF …on his 2nd ever college game…

i want to be there with you, but…

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Oh damn! He had 32 points in their first game. CKS was right when he said he was the best shooter he had recruited. I think Corey Davis might be better, but we’ll see what he has in store in his senior year. My only worry about Antoine was his slight frame.

watching the temple game i think i know what he meant by best shooter

corey will have a better percentage, but antoine is creating his own shoots …
he is being guarded a 6’8 quinton rose …and shooting at a decent percentage while creating his own shot…

he release is insanely quick (extremely hard to block), it honestly feels like im watching a shorter reggie miller


Welp, who knows if UH would of gotten Caleb Mills with Davis in the fold.