Lots of folks working real hard behind the scenes to make sure this game is a sellout…

Trying to make sure our boys come home to a packed house and see that they have a LEGIT fanbase supporting them and not some fair-weather, bandwagon BS that gives up just because of a single loss…

I hope everyone will invite friends, family members, co-workers… whoever you can drum up…

I see that there are still about 3000 on StubHub… with ticket prices for as low as $6 bucks. If everyone just uses their social media accounts to max potential… Facebook event invites, Share the Game info on Facebook, Tweet out info… We can create our own buzz and hopefully sell this thing out by Saturday.

Our team deserves it! And remember… Big12 Board of Directors meeting is on October 17th. How HUGE would it be if we were able to have a sellout crowd FOR TULSA, the week after losing a game?!?!?!?!?!


We need to sell the rest of the actual tickets before selling the resale tickets.



Those $6 stub hub tickets are going to make awfully hard to move the last 3000 the UH ticket office has for sale.

Yep, $6 is the minimum price that stubhub allows. Well, there are 5,100 Texans tickets on Stubhub but their game is sold out. Keep pushing!

It was the exact same way before the UCONN game. We sold that game out on a Thursday night. I think more than 1000 tickets were sold the day of the game. Plus an extra 1000 students showed up.

This game is on a Saturday night at the perfect time. It will sell out.

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EXACTLY!!! We don’t quit until 6 pm on Saturday… keep pushing until we reach the finish line! #GoCoogs


If you want it to sellout, you might want to send people to UHCougars.com instead of stubhub.


I’m already working on it as we speak. I got my four tickets being used. I’m trying to see if anyone else will go. I’m trying to take 6 folks with me to the game. Some are Cougar fans and will probably show up, just depends on their work schedule. I know a lot of us have been around for the good times and bad, so I think it will go a long way for our guys to see that we still support them and cheer for them. We are better than what our detractors say we are, let’s prove it! GO COOGS!

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I just bought three extras for the kids. They are coming up from San Antonio with me.


What’s the dot count for this game so far?

According to this thread http://coogfans.com/t/tulsa-ticket-count/3604/29 about 2800.

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