Opponent Alert: Noisy Nippert could boost UC vs. Houston

One thing that keeps getting mentioned in these articles is that this will be a sell-out. Looking at their ticketing website, there are a lot of tickets still available for this game. Unless they have a large walk-up, I don’t see a sell-out for this game.

“He’s quick, and we’ve got to contain him as much as we can,” UC sophomore defensive end Kimoni Fitz said. "We have to try to keep him in the pocket, so he can’t get outside of us and hurt us. We’ve been waiting for this, and I feel like we’re fully prepared. We’re up for the challenge.”

Yesterday after practice I was walking by the stadium, and there was a huge crowd noise coming from inside, which is abnormal for 9:00pm on a Monday, I walked over to the gate and the football team was practicing down there with the speakers on full blast with crowd noise. It seems like they know what they’re doing, I don’t think crowd will ever be a factor for our team. I mean they went in from do 71,000 people and looked solid after all.

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Tom Herman knows how to prepare a team to play in front of huge crowds… See OSU offense under Tom Herman.

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Another data point:

At secondary market site SeatGeek, the UH game is the most expensive home game for the Bearcats this year. Get-in-the-stadium price is $39 for UH game. This indicates to me that UC fans have a high level of interest in the UH game. (The next highest priced game is November 5 against BYU at $35.)

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The Coogs are coming to your town and it’s a big deal. How cool is that?


I had the same thought, so I checked out other teams. UH is the highest priced ticket on the secondary market for four of the five teams it plays on the road:

  1. Cincinnati
  2. Texas State
  3. Navy (Navy only has three home games remaining because it plays two of the games it is designated as the home team at neutral sites – Notre Dame and Army)
  4. Memphis

The other road team is SMU. It is understandable that their home game against TCU commands a higher price.

A few hours ago, there were ~2500 seats available on UC’s ticket site. More than half of them in the lower bowl. There are another 200-300 available on resale sites.

Bought my ticket Monday at the cincy website for $30 including their fee for download. There were plenty tickets at that time.

Do us all a favor and post some pics of all the sad Cincy faces surrounding you.

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Please post pics of the empty seats…

That why if they start crying about Big12 inclusion, or start with attendance smack, we can go to the Picture Evidence.

From what I can find online, there is no way this game sells out before tomorrow.

KOCH: Previewing The Matchup: Cincinnati vs. No. 6/7 Houston

“I can remember we played him the first year down there,” Tuberville said. “I think he even started at wide receiver and by mid-game he was at quarterback. We did not respect his arm. He was more of a runner. Same thing the next year here at Paul Brown Stadium when we beat them at the end of the year to tie for the conference championship. We didn’t quite respect his arm as much as we did his athletic ability. Now you’ve got to respect both. He’s one of the most improved guys I’ve seen in a long time. It’s a very dangerous offense.”

“They’re gonna bring a lot of unbelievable athletes,” said running back Tion Green. “They’re gonna be flying around. They’re gonna throw us a lot of exotic blitzes. They’re a big-time blitz team. On offense they have one of the best players at quarterback in the country. We all know that. They’re gonna bring a lot of enthusiasm and emotion. It’s always been a big game every single time we’ve played.”

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I’m sure it’ll sellout or come close but regardless fudge Cincy. Hey, anybody remember Jaxbearcat? He was a good Cincy poster from what I remember. :blush:

This was the same approach Oklahoma took. Try to contain Ward and make him a passer. How well did that work out for them again?

Rich, yes please try to post some stadium pics. Several of their fans started a really low-life propaganda war against UH. They were posting pics of TDECU after the lightning delay. The teams were off the field and the stadium was half full. But they posted the pics claiming UH had a low game turn out and wasn’t fit to be in a P5 Conference. So maybe they sell out but if they don’t the world needs to know.

At least during the entrance it didn’t look sold out. Wish I had sound at the bar I am watching from. Traveling during football season is rough.

It was a Thursday game. Our stadium is probably gonna look similar for the first quarter on our Thursday games.

They were just sort of a sell-out and their students turned out big-time (believe it was a record for the students). Second deck, especially on the ends were a little empty, but nothing any worse than what we see at TDECU.

Tough to get on their crowd for this game.

I was there! Game was effectively a sellout. GREAT UH TURNOUT! I was on 50 yd line behind the Cougars, and the only empty seats were in their new box seat/suite sections , which my seat neighbor told me are all owned for the season by corporate sponsors ( Kroger, Macy’s, Nationwide Insurance, IMG, Budweiser) there were about 600 seats up there that were sold, but not filled.

UH should take a page out of some of these smaller market team’s marketing plan: build big suite sections, and sell them to corporations for tax deductions, entertaining expense. Let them finance TDECU expansion. The Cincy fans were very polite, very passionate, and very proud of their athletics. The campus was cool, hip and all new buildings everywhere, much like UH. I think they’d be a great XII companion, with a bright future.

I have pictures, will post tomorrow afternoon. I was sitting on the same side as school about the 40, however my ticket was for section 217 on their side. I was about 30 rows up, the 2 rows in front of me were practically empty.

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