Opponent Watch: Baker Mayfield - All He Needs is Hate

I read this article and all I want the Coogs to do is beat the crap out of OU (Wanted that anyway so this didn’t really change my mind)

All He Needs Is Hate

COULD IT BE genetic? Was Mayfield’s mentality – the easy charisma, the caustic edge – passed down by a certain tall, white-haired gentleman with an elongated face and the bearing of a character actor who always gets the role of governor of a Southern state? James Mayfield was a quarterback and punter at the University of Houston from 1967 to '69, never lettering, and still carries himself with the certainty and ease of an old athlete.

It’s clear right away that James resides permanently on the verge of saying something he might regret. His wife, Gina, finishes a lot of his sentences, which feels less like a habit than a series of pre-emptive strikes.

Seems like a lot of the story could be said of Greg Ward.

Fact. Davis Webb had as good if not better Freshman year at Tech when Mayfield got hurt. The only reason Mayfield transferred is because his daddy was pissed that little Baker was going to have to compete for the starting job that spring. Kliff didn’t let him get away, he just didn’t hand him the starting job. Had he been given a scholarship at TCU Baker’s daddy would have been crying and had him transfer because he would have been carrying a clipboard for Boykin.

I’ll take GW from John Tyler over the “spoiled rich kid” from Lake Travis. Greg is listed at 5’11" 185 and Baker is 6’1" 209 so who’s the short guy who’s overcoming the odds? BTW, nice to know that the UH grad father of Baker can afford to raise his kid in Lake Travis. :wink:

The only thing that makes me not want our defense to immolate this guy is that it might deflate him so bad that Oklahoma would suck the rest of the year and not give us a boost in the ranking. I wish my life was as difficult as his.

Who names their kid “Baker”!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A UH alum.

But I don’t believe Mayfield is anywhere near 6’1". He might break 6’ on a good day and after hanging upside down for half an hour. At least UH is “more or less” honest about Ward’s stature. At any rate in the battle of the Mighty Mights my money’s on Ward, not because I’m a UH grad. I just think he has more tools than Mayfield.

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